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Please delete this message if I should not be here because I'm over 22, but I think I would get more input concerning college dance degrees here than in the adult forum(s).

I have heard very good things about USF and Goucher College concerning their dance programs (through websites and articles), but does anyone have any personal experience (or know of someone who does) concerning either of these colleges.

I know one good thing about Goucher is that there is a "placement" class, and not a true "audition" to get into the program like at USF. But I would like to know anyone's personal feelings about these programs. Like which one has the most pointe classes (per week), or more ballet classes, which school can boast the most alumni in professional companies?

Wherever this gets posted, I'd appreciate any anecdotes (I've learned more from Ballet alert than I have in my own personal research, hands down!) :D

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Guest Bethie0420

I attended University of South Florida for a semester before leaving. The dance program is okay. They have talented teachers, and a lot of ballet. When I was there I didn't think there was many oppertunities for the dancers. I was a minor there and I was really hard to get into the classes because they were small. But theres some amazing dancers there...anyone heard of Jenny Russel? She's a freshman there and absolutly amazing. They have auditions multiple times a year and they are like all others you have been too. They focus a lot on modern at usf from my udnerstanding. Right now I'm at florida sate university and I'm absolutly adoring it. Theres lots of performance oppertunities and really good teachers. But thats about all I cann offer you. I was only there a semester. If you want you can email me any questions about usf to blm05@fsu.edu.

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Knock knock,


USF has Gretchen Ward Warren, who wrote that one book, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure that that's where she is, and she is supposed to be an excellent teacher.

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Yes, Gretchen Ward Warren is at USF, and she is an EXCELLENT teacher! One of my students graduated from that program and had nothing but positive things to say about it. She went on to specialize in pre-ballet teaching, and finished a Masters in Arts Management. She worked at Washington Ballet as School Manager and taught pre-ballet classes for two years. She is now the Education Director at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, FL, after moving back to Florida where her husband had secured a company position.

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I'm a bit excited-as my daughter and I are visiting USF and Gretchen Ward Warren is giving the audition class. Her books are ballet staples. Daughter's teacher(Susan Jaffe) is on one of her covers. My daughter looks forward to what kind of class she'll give!

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I attended Goucher, and I do not recommend it for any dancer. Gretchen Ward Warren provides excellent training, so I'd go with USF if I were you. :)

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My daughter just returned from the USF dance audition. She thought the class was great (fantastic) and the program is impressive. The audition was taught by Gretchen Ward Warren, parents could watch the class (not the solos-good thing) in an observation deck from high above. Beautiful facilities. The quality of ballet looked great. The dancers auditioning were well trained. We watched classes-they looked like great classes. The program is a split of ballet (Vagonova) and modern. We didn't take a campus tour (due to time) but tried to check out as much as possible-it's hard to get a feel for the campus, as it's huge and spread out. Looked like a pretty campus. Wish we could have seen more but as far as the dance program,daughter thought it tops!! This is a real contender! :thumbsup:

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DD and I are heading to USF during Easter vacation (April) to check out the school and the dance program. Of course, if we end up taking in a little sun :wub: that will be okay, too.


If anyone has any specific questions about the program. let me know. Am making a list.


Contacted the dance department by phone yesterday and found the woman who answered very helpful.

There's a hotel right on campus, too, very convenient.

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DD just returned form another visit to USF. Took class with another great teacher. They made her very welcomed and she is looking forward to being here in the fall!

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We just returned from visiting USF. The weather was great! Campus is very big, 35,000 students but the Dance Department is small, around 75 students. Dorms are nice; even freshmen can get into suites or apartments on campus. Campus easy to get to from Tampa Airport.


BFA performance and BA Dance Studies option. BFA with ballet focus requires 4 years ballet (to level IV) and 3 years Modern (to level III). Studios big, airy.


Faculty & staff very welcoming; we observed ballet and modern classes. Some students have gone on to professional dance careers. USF remains on dd's list . . .

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DD and I were very impressed with USF. Small, friendly dance department. Great facilities. DD finally selected USF over programs at Marymount Manhattan, UArts, Point Park, NCArts and a few others.

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USF already has dance audition dates on their website for those entering college fall 2007.

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I noticed that audition results were actually posted on the USF Dance website when I visited today. Am assuming that they reflect the first round of auditions which were last week. Anybody know how to interpret the results? I have a fairly good idea, but am not sure.

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