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DD got a packet of info from USF today, as she is auditioning later this month. In it was a big flyer advertising a scholarship for male dancers, amount was not given. Next audition date is 2/23. Worth a look, gentlemen. They have a ballet-focused BFA as well as a modern-focused BFA, and a more liberal arts oriented Dance Studies B.A. Minor, too. Not to late to apply, rolling admissions. Good luck! :)

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I just recently auditioned for USF on Friday and really enjoyed the whole process. After I was done my solo they told me that I was accepted even though we weren't supposed to hear for 2 weeks. I'm really considering attending but I still havent heard back from the university yet. Thr faculty was very encouraging and they really want me to attend so I'm really hoping to get into the university. The weather is nice, the dorms are really nice, the dance facility and faculty was amazing and I really felt at home there. I even had a chance to see a performance and I was impressed by both the modern and ballet. USF is now part of my top 3 along with Butler and Fordham/Ailey.

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Congrats, Balletgirl!!!! :)


USF - what a lovely school! Aren't those dorms awesome? DD and I saw the performance Friday night and while it was well done, we were disappointed that there was only 1 ballet piece. There were 2 modern pieces and a lyrical jazz (sorry Ms. Leigh) piece, also. By the way, the male dancers were very good and one of the female ballet dancers (a lead) was fabulous. And the modern teacher at the audition was fantastic - dd adored his class and she isn't wild about modern.


DD auditioned at the same time. She has been admitted to the university and we are awaiting the results of the audition only in terms of placement.


A few months ago, USF posted audition results BY NAME on their website and some of us Dancer Moms were shocked to see quite a few F's as results. Have found out that the F's did not mean failed. They meant Fundamentals. There are 5 levels of ballet and modern: Fundamentals, I, II, III and IV.


It was 75 degrees, too, which made USF even more appealing . . . :)

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I have started to put together the reams of info an incoming senior needs to have that wants to attend a dance program. Looking at the USF website, there were no audition dates, so I emailed the department. I got a quick response that said the dates weren't set yet. I then remembered seeing a date in Aug. for "placement" on the website and re-emailed asking if it would be possible to audition then (thinking my dd would be strong from her SI, we wouldn't have to take time out of school, etc). The reply I received was confusing---I was told she should audition as late as possible in senior year so that she has the opportunity to improve technique, etc. and then she would be placed appropriately for her Freshmen year. I will call them tomorrow, but does this mean that you don't need to audition to be accepted as a BFA major, only for placement?

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Yes. The auditions are for placement, not for entrance into the program. DD auditioned this Spring, after being admitted to the university.

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Wow, thanks Taradriver for the VERY rapid reply....saves me a phone call. From everything I have read on this link, USF seems like a great program. I guess the "weeding out" comes later on (I read on the website that after the third semester it is decided whether you continue on to BFA). I guess the best way to know if you have a shot is what your initial placement is after the audition.

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As far as audition placement determining BFA success, maybe, maybe not. It is only 1 single event and it is possible to have an off day. They do have a BA Dance option, too. DD really loved the modern teacher at her audition, BTW.


Tampa is a nice place and we enjoyed visiting. There's a hotel right on campus and they will drive you to the dance buildings in their shuttle. I strongly recommend that - the campus is huge. You can find the info on the USF website. By the time we had visited twice, the campus did not seem so huge & overwhelming, so don't let that be a deterrent.


PK's daughter attends USF, she was a good source of info for me. My dd made another choice, but USF was right up there in the running. Good luck!

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lhc, I'd be glad to answer any questions about USF if I can help. The website is updated and I think audition dates are listed now.

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lhc, I'd be glad to answer any questions about USF if I can help. The website is updated and I think audition dates are listed now.

Thanks PK. I don't have anything specific to ask now that I am straight about auditions. I will be taking my dd around to some schools when she ends her SI, so I may have some ? then, and surely as we get closer. I assume this program will be up on my dtr's list since she loves FL. If you have any insights that I wouldn't get from the website, that would be great.

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