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tcook, just a quick reminder. These are 'dedicated' threads for each program, so we try really, really hard to keep the threads on the topic of its specific program.


Please take any further questions regarding TCU or Goucher (or any other program other than USF) to their respective threads. If for some reason there isn't one, please do feel free to start one.


Happy college shopping!!

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taradrvier - thanks so much - good idea to think about "ballet for grades" I will look for that topic and read some more ! Congrats to your daughter and her achievements - you must be so proud - and as a fellow HS teacher we enthusiastically welcome her to the ranks!


dancemaven - I am so sorry and will be more careful in future posts. I had actually thought about somehow pasting the Goucher quote found on this USF thread into the Goucher thread and asking my question there but admit I felt not quite technologically savy to do so - after several days reading over so many of these threads I admit they are getting a bit jumbled in my mind and it is very smart of BT4D to keep them separate!


This is such a wonderful forum and it has been invaluable for us in many ways already - thanks everyone!

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Oh that's funny. I just finished reading the entire thread and the one question that kept popping up in my head was if USF dancers went on to professional ballet careers. Can anyone answer this please?


I also just wanted to clarify another thing: If the audition is just for placement, then does that mean one only has to be accepted into the university itself? And then the placement audition will determine level?


I think I caught the gist of how the system works but I couldn't be sure. If everyone is automatically accepted, then isn't there a huge amount of dancers in the program? Yet, it was mentioned that the department is rather small. What I understand from the posts is that you may not be allowed to continue with the BFA program during a meeting held at the end of the first year. Yes?




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I thought they had auditions for admittance? Also, I didn't think it was ballet focused enough to be training for a ballet career. Has anyone been to an audition or this program? Thanks

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My daughter just graduated for USF-it's very ballet focused, the training is simply great. You need to be admitted to both the dance department and the college itself. Yes, after the first year students may be reevaluated, they may suggest a change in program toward a modern or BA focus. Graduates this year have joined Companies. It's also a beautiful campus with great dance facilities and a fun football team!

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PK - Are you able to address where the graduates of this program moved on to? What companies? What other types of positions did they head off to? Did the program assisit with job placement for it's grads? You may PM me if you prefer. Thanks.

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DD visited and auditioned for the dance program this past February. A big shout out to all the previous posters for tips on where to stay etc. It was really helpful and I felt very informed.


USF is a large school with approximately 40,000 students. Tampa is beautiful and the ride from the airport to the school took about 20 minutes. The school is not located in downtown Tampa, but the downtown area is not far away. The campus is very large, but as was stated before, as long as you bring a map. you can find your way around. The dance department is small, with 3 studios located in the dance building. The faculty made it clear that they like a smaller program within a large school as dancers in the program can get the attention and classes they need. It wasn't clear to us whether the audition was for placement or to be admitted into the program as a dance major. After the presentation by a faculty member, it became clear that to be considered a dance major ( either BA or BFA), a dancer would need to be placed in level 1 or higher for both ballet and modern. Dancers were told approximately 50% of the dancers that audition would not make the level 1 cutoff , but would be placed in the fundamentals classes with an opportunity to audition the following year. From the presentation by current dance majors, there didn't seem to be much difference in the training/attention for the BFA vs the BA majors. BFA with a ballet focus would need to graduate from level 4 Ballet andlevel 3 modern and BFA majors with a modern focus would need to graduate achieving level 4 in modern and level 3 in ballet.


The audition consisted of a ballet class following by a modern class. There were about 50 dancers auditioning that day, so the group was split into two groups. There is an observation area upstairs, so many of the parents watched the two classes. I observed a ballet class and a modern class and was very impressed with the quality of both instructors. There is live accompaniment for both ballet ( piano) and modern ( drums) classes at USF. Following lunch, dancers presented solos to the faculty.


DD was very impressed with the quality of teaching for ballet and modern. We attended the dance concert that night and were impressed with the dancers as a whole. It was clear that the dancers were highly trained and the number of highly trained boys in the program really impressed DD. USF was a clear choice for DD in terms of dance training and quality of peer dancers in the program.


DD was told it would be a week or so before we would hear from the department. About a week later the letter came and DD was officially accepted into USF as a dance major. The letter made it clear you also need to be accepted to the school, to attend in the fall. DD applied to the school earlier in the year, and was accepted prior to the audition. USF remains a contender for the fall.

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DD has made the decision to attend USF this fall. Her decision centered around being able to obtain a BFA in dance (modern focus), while also getting a degree in business. DD struggled with a decision to attend college or accept a professional dance opportunity. After much research, DD believes that getting her BFA now will be more beneficial to her, and offer her opportunities to grow and mature as an artist. I will post on the college acceptance thread, as soon as the deposit is sent- but May 1st is the college decision deadline.


DD chose USF because of the ballet training that is offered. While she plans to pursue a focus in modern dance but must also demonstrate a high degree of competency in ballet, which solidified her decision. She enjoyed the ballet audition class, and wanted to work with the ballet department. DD was impressed with the level of dancers she saw in the spring show. Having so many well-trained men in the program was also a consideration, as DD has never had an opportunity to partner.


Thank you BTFD, I can't imagine getting through this journey without you...

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I was just looking at the USF website. There is a list of professional companies that grads have gone to but I don't think I see any ballet companies. That seems strange as it sounds like it it a very strong ballet program.


Can anyone comment?

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Does anyone have any new feedback on USF? My DD auditioned yesterday and she absolutely loved the instructors. There were about 50 who auditioned so they split them in two groups. One group did modern first and one did ballet first. Then they had a lunch break and then presented their solos. This is her fifth audition this year and we are really having a hard time making a decision on what school would be the best fit for her! She does want to dance professionally when she graduates so training and performance opportunities is crucial. A couple schools she has been accepted to are big name schools for producing dancers who move into professional careers. It would be great to hear from someone who is currently in the dance program.

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