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As the school year winds down, I hope someone will share where the Grads or Early Leavers of USF Dance are going for the next phase of their lives.

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I would like to throw in a little information for anyone searching for colleges for next year. I am a junior in the BFA program here at USF, and have truly appreciated my time here. USF is the only college program in the state with a BFA with a ballet concentration, which is one of the reasons I chose to come here.

I was previously a trainee in Next Generation Ballet at Patel. I was immediately placed in Ballet 4 and Modern 1 (as my training has been mainly classical throughout my life). This program is unique in that it doesn't group all freshman together, but truly places you based on where you can grow the most. I have seen dancers who were placed in one level during their audition be immediately moved up upon review in the first few weeks of classes. Others, though annoyed with a lower placement later admitted they didn't regret the training they received.

There are multiple opportunities to perform each year. Freshman are only allowed to perform in one semester their first year, and in the other they are taught to help with the show (assistant stage manager, lighting, sound) which was a wonderful learning experience. You also have the opportunity to perform in student choreographed pieces, which go through an adjudication process and take place one a year. You may also perform in Senior BFA projects each semester, something of a final exam for seniors to produce choreography. Each of these are fully produced shows taking place in one of the two theaters on campus.

If you are classically trained and enjoy pointe work, Ballet 2-4 practice on pointe in class at the direction of the teacher. As a ballet 4 student we take class on pointe twice a week with the rest of the days optional flat or pointe. There is also always a pointe piece in the fall semester (choreographed by Andrew Carroll). In the spring semester a pointe piece may be present depending on the year. In my freshman year I was given the opportunity to perform the Le Corsaire pas de trois.

Dancers may choose to go to a summer intensive, others need to support themselves for college and return home to work and teach. No one truly goes the whole summer without dancing. You can also seek guidance from any and all teachers as to where they think you should go. This past summer I went to LINES, with a partial scholarship from the USF dance department, at the recommendation of my ballet teacher.

This is a truly exceptional program, and if you keep an open mind it can help you grow in ways you never thought possible. I would be happy to answer any questions about the program!

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cheshirethekat  -- Thank you for this very informative review. My DD will be starting as a dance major (ballet concentration) at USF in the Fall. She was at the October audition and we loved everything about the school and the program. She knew right away it was "the one" -- from the warmth of the faculty and students to the beautiful campus and dance building. It's so great to hear you've had such a positive experience.

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Hi Everyone, 

i am so happy this thread has activity of late as I will say my DD , who graduated with her BFA absolutely loved her time at USF. Cheshirethekat, I may have seen your performance as my DD1 was a senior that year.

NYRF00, best of luck to your DD next year, both my DD’s felt exactly the same way about the school , and the training was top notch. 

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Thank you, Marseas Mom! That's great to hear. We're very excited about the school and the program. And already looking forward to the Dance in Paris semester down the road.

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Just a recap of our lovely visit and DD's Audition.  The campus was beautiful, sunny and warm😊.  The Department faculty and staff were super welcoming and passionate about the program! Between the audition classes and solos, a few USF students beautifully performed some of their pieces.  I had the privilege to chat with some of the current students while DD was auditioning and they were the highlights of my visit.💥 DD also mentioned the current students were very sweet and encouraging to all of the auditioning dancers.

Prior to the audition I had read past posts which sent up quite a few red flags.  My DD auditioned on the 9th and promptly received her acceptance to level 4 this morning, further debunking the idea that all students come in at level 1 and slowly move up to 4 despite the situation.  Overall a lovely small class option with super passionate faculty, Paris exchange possibilities and a gorgeous location.

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My DD auditioned and received her acceptance. Was just wondering where alumni have gone. My DD's career aspirations is to dance professionally. Any alumni dancing in company's?  Ballet in particular.  Thanks!


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Is your daughter dancing professionally?  My daughter will be making a decision soon - her goal is to dance with a company. Was just wondering your DD's training prepared her for a professional career.


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Any feedback on the contemporary/modern program at USF? We are a few weeks away from having to make a decision. Any current feedback or details about USF in general and specifically the dance program would be appreciated! Also, does anyone have info on the study in Paris program? Is it just Paris or are there other locations? Do you have to apply and be accepted to study abroad? Thank you in advance for any help. :)

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Hi!  my dd was also accepted to USF with a ballet concentration.  We will visit campus at the end of the month get get a general feel for the University but would love to hear any updated info especially related to ballet. Thank you!

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