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Can I have some advice?


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Hi I'm 13.

A couple weeks ago at ballet I had my lunch break inbetween classes, but my ballet teacher asked if I could stay to let the men lift me. I had never done this before. It was only because I was the smallest there (I'm not small in general) I said yes but was scared. It was a lift where they lifted me so I was sitting on there shoulder. I don't know what thats called but can I have some advice on that kind of stuff before I start partnering,just in case. :angelnot:


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Not sure exactly what kind of advice you need, RLM, but basically partnering for the female is about maintaining your center for basic things like pirouettes and promenades, and jumping for the lifts. :angelnot: What you did is called a "shoulder sit", and is really pretty easy for the female. You jump up and he sits you on his shoulder. Your job is to be in a lovely position while sitting there :huepfen: When you jump for a lift of any kind be sure that you don't jump AWAY from your partner! If he has to reach out or move to get you he won't have the same strength for the lift that he would if you just jump UP. You need to remain very close to him. Pas de deux is fun!

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No time like the present to learn about partnering! It's guaranteed that you won't learn any younger! What you have to remember about partnering is that "partner" is more than a name. You both have a stake in making the movement look good, and both have to work hard, one to assist the other. If you just hang there like a side of beef, nobody's going to want to dance with you. Doing a shoulder-sit is pretty basic on this point. You have to JUMP up, and not lean on your partner, or collapse forward on your way up. He, on the other hand, has to lift you properly and not squoosh your waist unnecessarily. And watch out for them chandeliers! :angelnot:

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I've started doing a bit of partnering. Of course, we don't get to do stuff with the boys until the next level of classes (because there aren't very many of them) but we have been doing some simple promenades and penchees and pirouettes and other stuff in class, having us change which one of the girls has to be the guy for the exercise. It's quite educational, let me assure you. :hyper: Never going to take a guy for granted again ...


Anyway, I was wondering if it would be safe for me to practice the things that I have learned in class at home with my older brother. He's a little too tall for me (I'm 5'6" on flat, but about 5'10" in pointe shoes [i just checked]; he's six foot three), but he's nice and strong and he's agreed to help me out if I tell him what to do in exchange for ... chocolate chip cookies. Just wondering if it would be safe!

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Never going to take a guy for granted again ...


Yep, I've just learned that important lesson too :thumbsup:. Your partner DOES help you, but don't mislead yourself into thinking that he will HOLD you in place, and you just relax and be like jelly B). You still must maintain your center, and be composed.

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Anyway, I was wondering if it would be safe for me to practice the things that I have learned in class at home with my older brother.


Hee! :thumbsup: It should be fine, only watch out! A surprising number of male dancers started that way, then began taking classes and got better than their sisters!

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Thank you both. Haha, Mr. Johnson, I have been trying, but to no avail. Nick would be good at ballet, I think - however, he's not really a fan of sports without a lot of physical contact. Football, lacrosse, wrestling - gung ho. Have convinced him that some ballet exercises are excellent for building strength and stretching, though. :D

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I have been taking pas de deux every week for two years. I must say that I have learned a lot about the team work in ballet through this class. A few tips: when doing shoulder sits slighty stick out your bottom (it makes it easier to "sit'), keeping your abs strong will help you stay sturdy in promenades and pirrouettes, and DON'T be afraid to talk to your partner; tell them when something is uncomfortable or if your not on balance, they will be appreciative you did. :) And don't worry everybodies a little nervous your first time.

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