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Yeah!!!! I have been awarded a travel scholarship by the Lisa Ullmann Scholarship Fund to attend the Conference of the Society of Dance History Scholars in Chicago in June this year. I am soooooo excited. :D I have never been to Chicago... that is even more exciting :D:lol::wub:

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Guest dance4joy

Congratulations!! :wub: That sounds like a fabulous opportunity!


You'll love Chicago. . .it's a really fun city. It's only about a 2 hour drive from my house so I go there from time to time to shop. :lol:

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Congratulations, that's wonderful!! I have never been to Chicago either, but there are lots of dance companies there!

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Way to go, Dance Scholar London! I am sure you are a most deserving candidiate. Enjoy the experience!

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Thanks. I am really glad that there are fundings/scholarships for dance-related activities. I never thought that I would be nominated. Although it is a lot of paperwork to apply for funding it is certainly worth it :-)

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