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Welcome to our discussion group, TurningTimmy, and I hope that you will be around for more of our friendly forums! :thumbsup:


That's certainly a nice assortment of dancing. And some of them historic! I wonder how they got the rights?

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Not only that, but they're pretty darn good, too! :o

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Please don't kill me (girl posting here) I am really sorry but I have another two links with videos.

One is Roberto Bolles Page: http://www.robertobolle.com and the other one is José Martinez Page: http://www.josecarlosmartinez.com There are also some videos (one on Robertos Page and a couple on Josés Page)

I hope you like them.

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hi guys. If you like to see some really amazing danceing by males, check this site out http://boloproductions.com/page18.html. It can be alot of help by showing you what is really out there, and what can be done by the male dancers. It shows me what to look forward too.  :shrug:


in this thread (Favorite Male Dancers) http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?...pic=20813&st=15, i posted a few links to MY favorite dancer Tetsuya Kumakawa. He is absolutely unbelievable. He does 540's cleanly, throws 4 a la secondes or 10pirouettes like notihng, and almost anything you ask for just perfectly.



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i really need more male dancer sites..........its for a project.......does anyone have any sites..........if you do i appreciate it:)

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Remember, we don't do people's homework for them; try googling the web for sites.

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