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I have a lot of trouble keeping the weight of my body over the ###### of my feet. Like I can do it but its not automatic for me, and when I'm really focusing on it I feel like I can't use my full turnout. Tendue and degages are so hard for me in the center because I fall off balance. Something so simple yet so difficult for me. Does anybody know any exercises or have any tips to help me keep the weight on the ###### of my feet ALL THE TIME?

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Then do it until it IS automatic. This is the Carnegie Hall answer - "Practice, practice, practice." Often a settling of the weight in the heels is symptomatic of being stuck down in your supporting hip. Don't do that. Lift up and out.

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Also, if you are letting go in your center, not using your abs and holding up your back muscles, that would allow your weight to sit into the hips and the heels. The heels are on the floor, and there is some weight in them, but the majority of the weight needs to be a bit more towards the metatarsals. It can't be there if the weight of the upper body is sinking down and back.

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