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Tippy Toes, here is the weblink to this information on Marymount Manhattan College's website: MMC Dance Company


When looking for factual information about a program, it always helps to read the program's own website information. :)

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A girl from my daughter's studio auditioned last weekend and was pulled aside on the spot and offered a place in the program. I have not yet heard many details about the actual audition. This girl is quite strong and a good "turner" for lack of knowledge of a better word!


Oh, I did hear that there were perhaps 70 at the audition. They started with a group audition and then some were asked to stay for solos.

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Please remember that we request that, in addition to actual first-hand information, only information that you (or your dancer) are privy to directly from a third-party dancer/parents' own experiences be shared on these threads.


These threads are a little more relaxed in that regard than the SI Forum threads, but we still do not encourage or accept 'grapevine' type information.


This reminder is NOT directed at any one post. :) Just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

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DD and I just returned from a visit at Marymount Manhattan and learned that they have a relationship with Hunter College such that when you are enrolled at Marymount, but they do not offer a class that you need to take, you are allowed to take the class at Hunter right down the street. The student mentioned that this option is not available when there is a class conflict, only when Marymount does not offer the class.


I'm not sure how this option works exactly as when I asked further questions, the students weren't quite sure, but since my DD is interested in double majoring, and her second major is not offered at Marymount, it seemed as though maybe we couldn't cross Marymount off the list just yet. This deserves further investigation and thought others of you might find this helpful as well as I've never seen this mentioned anywhere in the literature that I've read.

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I noticed that there have not been any posts regarding MMC in over a year. I would greatly appreciate if someone has some recent experience with MMC as my DD is thinking about auditioning.

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My daughter auditioned for the dance program in Feb of this year. Although MMC offers a ballet concentration, we got the impression from the comments made to parents and the way the audition was conducted was that the program there is more oriented toward modern and jazz. My daughter wants a classical ballet program and she did not think this was a good fit for her.

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Hi! Thanks for your post. You mentioned that you got the impression that the program is mor oriented toward modern and jazz. As my daughter is still considering this program, would you mind going into a little more detail? What did they say and do that gave you that impression? (My daugther is a junior in high school.) Thank you!

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Marymount has a BA program and a BFA program. The BFA program is more performance oriented, whereas the BA program focuses more on dance-related aspects such as teaching or dance and media. In the BFA program you are required to take daily ballet and modern technique classes with a very strict attendance policy. The program is not very jazz-based, I would say it is more geared toward modern and more contemporary ballet (think Complexions, Cedar Lake, Lines, etc). In my audition, we were told that it is not a classical ballet school and we would not graduate with an ABT contract. With that said, many of the students have strong classical ballet backgrounds and one of this year's graduating students is going to dance for BalletMet. It is a very versatile program and many of the teachers also teach at Steps, Ailey, etc. Marymount has pointe classes and some performances include pieces en pointe. Ballet is definitely an important part of the program, but it is not the only part of the program, which I see as a good thing because it produces extremely versatile dancers with very strong technique.


If you get a chance, you can take a tour and watch classes or see one of the performances to get a feel for the school. I hope this helps! I am currently a BFA dance major so let me know if you have any more questions! :(

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Is it possible to attend Marymount college with a major in some other field such as journalism and have a minor in ballet? If you audition and receive any kind of scholarship for ballet, do you have to major in it or can it be a minor?

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Unfortunately there is no option for a dance minor at Marymount. However, many of the BA students double major. For example, they would double major in dance and psychology. Since the BFA program has more requirements, it is more difficult to double major (it isn't impossible though!). Instead, many BFAs choose to do a dance major with a minor. For example, a dance major with a business minor.


To answer your second question, it is not possible to receive a scholarship for a ballet minor since that option for a minor does not exist. Dance scholarships are only awarded to dance majors.


I hope this helps!

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Does anyone have any recent info on Marymount 's program?

Any info about this year's audition and recent performances would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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If your not invited to do a solo does that mean you are rejected or is there still a chance of being accepted? I'm auditioning this upcoming year and was just curious, thanks

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