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My DD is trying to make decision between here and one other. I would love to hear some thoughts on MMC.

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Hi! Just wanted to say a few thing about the program:

[. . . .]


I visited the school recently, and I fell in LOVE! But that may have just been me. The campus doesn't feel like a campus at all, and while that isn't a problem for me, I know a lot of people who don't care for that.


The studio I went in for the orientation was beautiful! It was 20 blocks away from the dorms, but they have a bus that can take you to that building, as there are classrooms other than the studios in the same building.


That's all for now :)

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Have you had a chance to review the previous pages? Have you checked the website? That's the best place to start looking for information.


Here is a link to:


The dance department: http://www.mmm.edu/departments/dance/


general information about majors/ minors offered and double-majoring: http://www.mmm.edu/academics/majors-minors.php.


Whether specific majors will work as doubles, you'd need to figure out if the required credit hours will fit and whether you'd need more than the standard four years. Those are often good questions to ask when visiting the college or asking at college fairs.


College websites are not all set up the same, so but you can do searches on them, click links within the site to see where you can go and what kind of information there is available. Usually you can find the requirements for specific majors, course lists, FAQs, etc. but you may have to hunt around for the information.

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Anyone who auditioned this year, how long did it take for your results to come back? I auditioned Saturday, Feb 27. The website said 5 weeks, but I just can't believe that...

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I'm a bit late to the party here, but my daughter auditioned on Feb 13 and had her acceptance letter by Feb 23. So it took 10 days, but they had given her an acceptance on the spot during her solo audition, so that may have expedited her letter going out. As far as the number accepted. We were also told there are about 60 accepted, but that number is split 30 for the BFA and 30 for the BA. We were also advised that there is a ballet and a modern class every day as part of the standard curriculum, then the other classes will vary depending on the concentration. They also stated that the pointe classes are limited. There is one beginner pointe class and one advanced pointe class offered (alternating between semesters). You have to be in at least Ballet III to take pointe, and the classes fill up quickly. All of these questions were addressed at the parent Q&A that took part during the audition.


They also have a listing on their website of where their alumni have gone after graduating:


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Anyone attending this school this year? would like to get a feel for it's classes and the reality of those who get jobs vs. what the website has listed. the list is not necessarily year to year, so it's a bit hard to gauge.

For anyone auditioning this year, DD just auditioned in NYC this past weekend. There were 92 in the audition! They did a ballet, modern, and jazz class, then posted a list with who got thru to solos. They only kept 41. They did offer snacks in between, which I thought was very nice - especially since they were dancing from about 10:30 to 2:30 with no break! After that brief break (it was brief!) They then called them back into the room one by one, interviewed them, and then let them do an abbreviated solo. they told them beforehand that they may stop them in mid solo, once they had seen enough and that it only meant they could tell from how much they did whether they were a fit or not. Dd said they told them they would stop their solo, even if they wanted to watch more - it was not a reflection of acceptance. I thought that was very nice of them to mention too. DD did about half her solo she said before they stopped her. I could tell they weren't letting any of them complete them, but DD was one of the first ones to do her solo, so I wasn't around for very long. But I can imagine! that is a long day. They told us we would be notified in about 2 weeks.

All in all, they did seem very warm and welcoming. The students that were helping out seemed to be very happy and pretty animated and excited. It's also a gender neutral school. In the parent 'talk' with a dept. head, we were told that Netherlands Dance Theatre had come as artists in residence this year to set a piece on their company. I have no idea how they managed that, but they certainly did sound like they had a lot of dance opportunity and put the students in front of a lot of companies during the stay - enough to make some great connections. They do have a summer abroad program as well.

All this really makes me consider this a very good program, but honestly, I had not even heard of them before my DD had told me about them. Any current info would be greatly appreciated!

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I attended the San Francisco audition on January 15th. I would say there were around 30 dancers. As most have already said, we did a full ballet barre, a handful of centre exercises, then we did a modern phrase. Anthony Ferro and Nancy Lushington were leading the audition. They were AMAZING. Their passion for dance shone through in the audition, and they shared a number of tips and tricks. They made an effort to make the audition seem more like a class, which I very much appreciated. Following the class, they thanked us all and asked us to wait in the lobby. Shortly after that, they posted the list of the solos they wished to see. I would say that they cut around half of the dancers. Although they said they would most likely stop your solo, they allowed me to perform the entire piece. Additionally, they video taped the solo in order to be considered for a dance scholarship. They said that it would take up to five weeks to receive notification. I am going on three weeks and am still waiting.

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