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Hi all! I currently attend Marymount as a freshman BA Dance, Body Science and Motion major and can answer questions you have :)


Overall, Mobadt, I am really enjoying the school. It's a small college but a large dance department- my class is about 80 some people, split about 50 BFAs and 30 BAs. The teachers are definitely my favorite thing about the department. They are so dedicated and care a lot about all of their students, but realistically, it's hard for them to really get to know all of the dancers (like I said, about 80 per grade, so I'd say around 300 dancers overall!). That being said, they really do try, and the teachers' knowledge and dedication are wonderful. Mr. Ferro and Nancy are actually two of my favorite teachers so far!


A warning- if you (or your DK) are looking for a ballet-focused dance department, this may not be the place for you. The department is mostly made up of ex-competition kids, and ballet is not as loved by the students. Also, many of the students are not as trained in ballet, so it is probably not the place for ballet-lovers to go to continue their intense training. Don't get me wrong- the department is amazing, the teachers are wonderful, and the students are supportive, it's just not the strongest ballet program. If you're looking to expand your training and focus equally on all disciplines of dance, this is definitely a great program for that!


I can't speak much to job placement since I am only a freshman, but I know that the seniors always are completely prepared for auditions when they graduate. My cousin graduated from Marymount in 2014 and started dancing professionally with a company the fall after she graduated.


Hope that helps! If you have any more specific questions please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them! :)

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Eschmitt98 - thank you so much for your report and I appreciate your honesty. It's good to know about the ballet classes and I will pass that along. DD is more interested in all forms of dance so I think this is a good point to consider.she is however pretty far up on the technique ballet scale so I am not too sure how she would view that. But nevertheless, it is NYC! And of course, we haven'the heard from the dance side yet. Movement Dancer- congratulations to you!

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Has anyone heard back from the Feb 11th dance audition? I auditioned then and I just received my financial aid package, which included a merit award from "theatre/dance/arts". It seemed like I wouldn't receive a dance merit scholarship unless I was accepted, but I still haven't heard from the dance department. I wasn't sure if maybe the results from this audition just hadn't been released yet!

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Jessicaballet, my daughter also auditioned on Feb. 11th. She received her acceptance letter in the mail on March 2nd. Hope this info helps.

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DD was named an 'alternate'. The letter said that she would be notified by May 15th or sooner about her status for acceptance. they also said they would do everything possible to admit her for the fall if space becomes available. It also says that at that time she would be eligible for any scholarships for which she may have been recommended. Sort of doesn't make too much sense, but I would compare this to a waitlist....

So, if anyone has any info on that sort of thing from here, please feel free to let us know.

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I got my acceptance letter last week! I'm in level 2 ballet and level 1 in modern with a competitive dance award!

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Hi everyone! So I am super interested in the BA Program at MMC. It seems like the perfect balance of dance and other studies and can allow me to double major. 

Just wondering, did anyone here audition or have a D that auditioned for the dance program at Marymount? I auditioned for the BA Dance program. Haven’t found any information but basically it was an okay audition, did not particularly like the process but I thought I did pretty well. Unfortunately I was not asked to stay after cuts were made. There were about 60-70 people there and only about 15 made it.

I am wondering if anyone knows if you are not asked to stay for the solo and interview part, if you can still be considered for the program? I think that we receive acceptance/rejection letters next month but I am hoping for some miracle. 
I dont know know too much about the dance program other than the fact that it is super selective especially for BFAs. I heard that sometimes you might not be asked to stay for solos and still will make it as a BA. Can anyone confirm this so that I might feel a little better about not asking to stay? 



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