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Beg. Pointe in Raleigh, NC?


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I'm out of places to look can anyone help me...

I've done pointe before but not very much. I'm looking for a class to help strengthen my arches/ankles/etc. for another type of dance. I'm having trouble finding a flexible program this late in the year (I know of two classes in the Triangle and neither will fit my schedule).


Does anyone know of a beginning adult Pointe class in Raleigh that is drop-in?


Is there anyone else interested in such a class in Raleigh? I may know a place that might offer a 'Pointe' class (just for strengthening that could be done in slippers, too).


I'm really looking for something before summer starts, any help would really be appreciated.

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Guest prokofiev

Hi, Dancingscottie-


Welcome to Balletalert! (I was waiting for a moderator to give you an official welcome and reply, but since your post has gone unanswered for a bit, I jumped in.)


If you're coming to ballet from another discipline and are worried about your ankles, pointe is definitely NOT the way to go! Your ankles (and feet and everything else!) need to already be very strong in order to go en pointe in the first place. A good ballet school would never have a "drop-in" pointe class for beginners of any age, as you need to be studying ballet 3x/week (at least) for a couple of years and only then would a responsible instructor agree to pointework, which would be regular and incremental. (There are long posts and stickies on this topic all over this board... :P )


Doing pointework before you're sufficiently strong can lead to serious injury, but it can also produce the opposite results of those desired: if you buy a shoe that 'props you up' or is improperly fitted, you could sink into the box, rely on the shank, not 'pull up' or articulate your feet, and as a result you'll lose strength instead of building it. :o


If you're truly concerned about ankle and foot strength, good ol' demi-pointe and regular ballet class with lots of extra releves is the real way to build it. :wink: There are a number of useful ankle/foot exercises listed on the Adult board (tendus and releves, of course, but also theraband and tennis-ball ones) that may help if your schedule precludes regular ballet classes right now.


The Raleigh School of Ballet may be able to help you find a class for your needs (if their schedule doesn't work they may have suggestions for you), or someone at the Carolina Ballet offices may have a good list of referrals.


Best of luck with your training! :shrug:

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Thanks for welcoming Dancing Scottie, Prokofiev, it's hard being a moderator and remembering to welcome people :P But Dacescottie, welcome to ballet alert, and the adult dance boards. Are you a complete newbie? or have you been lurking around? if you're a newbie, then have a read of the main board, which shows all the forums on it, especially the "about this site".

Hope you enjoy yourself here :o



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You might also contact Cary Ballet. They are in the area and could make referrals if they do not offer the class you need. They train many fine pre-pro dancers. :)

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