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Ed McPherson

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I was in class a few weeks ago talking ballet trivia with a friend. He said I should make a quiz for our friends, just to see how they would do. Anyways it's been done and we've all had a good time poking fun of the scores our friends got. I realized today that some of yall might enjoy taking it too. The questions are mostly straight ballet, but I felt that I had to mix it up with some interdisciplinary stuff just because that’s the way things work these days.


Ballet Quiz, 10 questions

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i have to agree with minty. I had a lot of trouble with some of the questions, because i'm not really into the american companies and their AD's (for example).


however, i got 4 questions right! :P



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I didn't know that I was that clueless about ballet!!!!! (5/10)!!! <--- same score I got on my biology pop quiz today because I am sick and didn't review the material!

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A close friend of mine, Tim Wallace, is an accompaniest at Jillana's program. He is bigger, and baldish, very nice and funny, and in a postive way a very involved accompaniest. Anyways just wondering if you met him or if he played for you while you were there.

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It looks like their limit of 100 people have taken it. I am surprised so many people were interested.


I've had my fill of quiz writing, but if it interests you I would suggest creating your own, it looks like there is an interest for it.



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