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I attend a small studio. I have 5 technique classes a week, 3 pointe classes, 1 variations class and 1 pas de deux class. There is usually about 5 to 10 people in class but I feel like there's something wrong. It seems like my teacher is consistently ignoring me. I understand that you normally can't get all of the attention you would like but it's hard to ignore the fact that I'm not getting what I should be out of the classes. I continue to work on my technique but you can only go so far policing yourself. Our studio is so small there's only two levels; really little kids and then about 9 and up. The old saying, "the squeeky wheel gets the oil," holds very true here.


I would really like to talk to my teacher about my concern. I really don't know how to tell her this though. I don't want it to sound like I'm critisizing her. Please help me with ideas on how to share with her my frustration.

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Try words. Speak to her after class, and tell her exactly the same things you've been telling us. She is probably completely unaware of how you feel, because teachers are rarely psychic.

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I feel exactly the same !! but like you, I don't know how to tell her, although we are good friends despite a great age gap ; it's difficult to say things like that whithout appearing rude ; any advice ?

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Look at what spaghetti said. None of that is rude. If you want to have an earnest conversation about a problem, then you have to be honest about how you feel.

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The same thing was happening to me with one of my teachers, the difference though is I go to a big school. Well I talked to another teacher last night and explained the situation and he thought I should talk to the other teacher and that it wouldn't make things worse. He just said to approach it like "I'm really trying to improve on/for ____________ (fill in the blank) and I was wondering if you could really keep me focused on what I need to work on and hammer me on my corrections." My teacher said don't approach it as though "Well you never watch me and I don't get any corrections, bla bla bla." Which is a good point because then the teacher could get mad or offended and things could end up worse. I'm talking to my teacher soon.

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Thank you all for responding. You helped me gain confidence and I decided that if I don't get any corrections by Wednesday I will talk to her. I'm going to think up a good way to phrase my concerns so that there's no confusion. We'll see what happens! Wish me good luck!

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