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Does anyone know if there is any sort of recent Kirov or Bolshoi DVD's released? I have several videos, but the video quality seems to be very poor. :lol:




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Yes, the Kirov just released a DVD filmed in 2002 in Chatelet Theatre, Paris. Here's a link to the DVD on Amazon -- here.


I don't know about any Bolshoi films... Ask around the other forum too :lol:.

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How recent are you looking for? There are multiple videos filmed in the early 1990s, and many are with good quality.

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Well right now I have "The Kirov Ballet in London" and "The Kirov Ballet- Sleeping Beauty". I don't know when these came out, but the video quality is a little bit poor and sometimes I can't even see the dancing.


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Hehe, feel free to ask me about Kirov videos -- I have maaany of them :shrug:. Which Sleeping Beauty are you talking about? Which dancers? There are 3 Sleeping Beauties danced by the Kirov that are on film.

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Netflix has 3 Kirov DVD's that I found:

Don Quixote (2004)

Kirov Celebrates Nijinski(2004)

and one to be released on DVD 3/15/2005:

The Kirov Ballet:Swan Lake(1986)


The one review I read did not sound too promising about the quality of the film.

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Don Quixote -- which dancers? It's probably a reissue on DVD of an older video.

Kirov Celebrates Nijinski -- filmed in 2002, not 2004 :shrug:.

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Dancers in Don Q are listed as: Vladimir Ponomaryov, Tatyana Terekhova, and Farouk Ruzimatov.


I am sure they are just dvd's of old vhs tapes.


I just copied the date netflix had for the Kirov Celebrates Najinski as 2004. :shrug:

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Yes -- the Don Quixote was performed in 1988... (maybe 1989, I'm not sure exactly). I understand about the dates -- the tapes themselves sometimes have the wrong one :shrug: Don't take offense please :D.


If you're interested in a Kirov tape with good quality and performance, buy Swan Lake with Yulia Makhalina and Igor Zelensky. (Which isn't to say that the Swan Lake with Mezentseva is a bad performance -- it's great, just not so good video quality).

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The Kirov Sleeping Beauty I have is starring Altynai Asylmuratova. This ballet is very long, but very beautiful. I am not sure when this came out? The video quality is not too bad. However, on "The Kirov Ballet in London" I can't see much of anything. :)

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The quality isn't always the best... The Sleeping Beauty with Asylmuratova was filmed somewhere in 1991 or so. The lighting is so dark on that video!

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Guest arabento

If you go to www.kultur.com they have a lot of ballet videos. I know they have a lot of the Kirov and I believe they have the Bolshoi also. It is a good site, has reasonable prices and good shipping. I ordered something a few weeks ago and it came within a few days and that was with the regular shipping program. This site also has a lot of DVDs/videos of other art forms (music, dance, art, literature) and is a fun site to browse through and make a wish list of things you want.

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