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I don't believe that my dance studio is helping me grow as a dancer. I feel like they do not correct dancers on placement and focus more on tricks. There are a few problems. I have gone out to try all the reputable ballet-focused dance studios (because I really only want to take ballet) that my mom is willing to drive me to, but they have been even worse than my current one. I feel as though I have bad placement, but I can't even get into really good ballet schools to help with my placement because the really good schools most likely take the already good students at my age (15). Last year I went to CPYB and I was placed in a high level, but after one of the teachers saw my partnering work on the first day (I had dead shoes, was nervous, my feet hurt and I was tired) she kinda brushed me off as a hopeless case :). I am just getting more and more discouraged and I wish I could have a teacher that would focus on me and help me with my placement. My dance teacher does not like me very much, but I don't know what I can do.

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Don't stop looking, and don't let the search so far discourage you. Do work on the things that you got at CPYB and know to be good. It's hard to recommend a place for you to try because California is a big place!

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Does anyone else think this situation is wrong?


We are doing a new ballet and my director just casted it.

There is a girl who took a 7 month break from dance who was just came back and was cast in it, but no in the great parts she was used to.

There was a group of 4 dance that she really wanted to be in, but she wasn't casted in it.

The group she wanted to be in had 2 understudies, but one understudy dropped out.

Then, one of the girls in the group of 4 dropped out.

You would think that the understudy would get the part, but NO! the girl who just came back from dance is in it.


I think it is politically incorrect and morally incorrect. :)


I am not in the production because I didn't want to deal with the casting issues we have at our studio, because the casting is very unfair.


I don't even like the understudy of the part, so I am not being biased or anything. I am just really disgusted with the corruptedness of my dance studio!!!! :party:

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Marshmallow, perhaps if you want to you might post on Cross Talk and ask for suggestions in your part of California...and you just might get some helpful suggestions. I'm a little confused by your first post - where I think you may have left a word out where you wrote:

...but I can't even get into really good ballet schools to help with my placement because the really good schools most likely take the already good students at my age (15).
What exactly did you mean? Just because you're 15 years old doesn't mean that a well run and high quality ballet school won't accept you.


If you feel like expanding on your post a bit, perhaps Major Mel Johnson and Ms. Victoria Leigh will be able to offer you some more advice. :)

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Marshmallow, you seen to have been accepted to good programs, so, either your training is okay, or you have potential, or both. However, if you are not happy with your school, then it's time to find another one. Do not assume that the good schools would not take you. Go and try and find out! If you get accepted to ABT programs, then I would think you could get accepted to good schools anywhere. :)

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