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Adult friendly summer classes in Lexington KY???


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I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the schools and studios in Lexington Kentucky. I wonder if they have adult classes that are really for adults and not just the 13 to 21's. The drive is a good 25 to 35 miled each way depending on where in the city the class is located, but if it is scheduled at a time when the traffic would be a nightmare, it might be worth it...if it is a good class.

I just found out that the university class which I thought decided "close enough" in Richmond where I live is not available in the summer. I really didn't want to wait until fall.

Practicing on my own is getting old and lonely and there is nobody to give corrections of course.


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Call the Lexington Ballet School and speak with the receptionist. The training at the school is very good and I believe that there are options for adult students.

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