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Argh Stupid Plies!

Guest jstephens

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Guest jstephens

My demi plies are shallow...way shallow, but my grand plies aren't. Does this mean I am doing my grand plies wrong? Or do I just need to revamp my technique for plies entirely.



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It could be any number of things. Tight achilles, tight calves, ankle gripping, incorrect pelvis placement etc...


Your teacher needs to take a look at what you're doing and give you some clues. Otherwise, we'd just be guessing without seeing you.


In grand plie, don't lift your heels until you reach the maximum depth of your demi. Only lift your heels as much as you need to, no more.


I usually think not so much in terms of BENDING my knees to go down, but ROTATING my knees out to the side and "opening up" my hips to go down. It's even tougher to come up correctly and maintain rotation. It's one of those things you'll get a feeling for, but is tough to explain in words.

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Maybe you are taking the heels off too early in your grand plie? Best is really to ask your teacher.

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<quote>My demi plies are shallow...way shallow, but my grand plies aren't</quote>


And of course, a demi plie IS supposed to be shallow compared to the grand.:lol:

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