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DVD/Videos: Dying to be thin (2000)

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Has anybody seen this video? My psychology teacher described it as "lively capturing the excruciating 'culturally shaped bodies and emotions'". I havent seen it and would like to know if it is worth ordering it (its only available in US format). You can find it on Amazon

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The title is "Dying to be thin". I think yours is another one but thanks for the link. Sounds interesting too :-)

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Excellent pbs program - hadn't realized they'd made a book out of it. I remember discussing it (the program) on the board not too long ago - maybe two years, though I'm not sure.


It's highly regarded for its honest portrait of a very insidious disease/disorder. :)

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I watched the clip they have on their website. What can I say, scaaary... :)

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I ordered it on Amazon UK now, the clips I saw wear very informative.

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Wow. I just watched that and it is definately horrifying. It is the slightest bit stereotypical about all ballerinas being anorexic however. I also find this very informative and I think I'm going to order it.

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I watched it too and its scary! But I wondering if it was true that all dancers have to be that thin to get jobs? :clapping:

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I was wondering too. I didnt see her on the ABT website. Does anyone know?

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Wow! I saw that but only glanced at it and dismissed it as something completely different. Whoops... :)

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