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Guest widgy

Today in one of my class's my teacher put a very interesting point to me, he started to question the schools i was looking to audition for next year.


The schools i've really considered were very contempory based, i was looking at London contempory, Laban and Rambert as my first ports of call as these seemed to be the most prestigious schools and the ones everyone gets excieted about.


My teacher started to question the contempory based line, saying that at schools like northern ballet and lanes (two well known but less esteemed schools in the UK) you would get a more all round dance education. His point was that at a school like that you would still do ballet and contempory but would carry on with tap, jazz and stage jazz giving you a wider scope for employment. :)


So this has really thrown me off, deep down i really see myself as a contempory/ballet dancer and it's where i'd like to see myself ending up but realise that this is a limited field and may need to find other dancing employment at some point.


So i guess my questions are will going to a really contempory based collage limit me in a field that is already limited or how much chance for other dancing oppertunities will it leave me with and if i choose one of the all round schools would i lessen my chances of getting into contempory companies?

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Widgy, if you have had a number of years of training that involved all the different forms you mentioned, then I think it is time to head for what you really want. If that does not ultimately work out for you, the other areas will still be there. Tap, jazz, musical theatre, etc., will all come back quite easily when you need them.


If you have not had training in these areas, then perhaps it would be wise to think about that, as your teacher suggests.

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