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Hi everyone,

kind of stupid, but I'm taking a Ballet 1 class through my university and I'm having a fantastic time! In all my years of ballet I have never learned so much from one particular teacher! She really takes the time to correct everyone, and always has some encouraging words to say, no matter how much a person screwed up! Alright my post is silly but I had to tell everyone all about it!

Leigh :grinning:

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I do not think it is a silly post at all, it is so important to find a good teacher! Glad you have her.


I think it is very nice when people on this board post not only about their problems but also when it is good; as we all love the art it is so good to hear of others enjoying it too. :grinning:

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FutureMD - this is a great post! It is so hard to find a good teacher, especially for us adults. Congrats to you, and enjoy!!!!


I'm very happy to add that I was lucky enough to be able to attend a class this morning - I'm not always able to go to this class because of the timing of it. During term time, it's almost impossible. But, our university term ended last week and thus, although I obviously still have this dissertation to do, my schedule is more flexible.... so I went to class!


I've only been to this teacher's class once before, but it is one of my favourites. It's a beginning (or adv. beginning?) adults class, but has a mix of students and the teacher is just so good! I leave feeling centered, strong, aligned, and HAPPY!!!!! :wink: After a rough term and lots of life's little bumps in the past month or so, this was a very good feeling to have. :)



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