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Hi, would like to know what you think of especialy (sp) males that prefer to learn to dance like the ladies do inseatd of learning the male steps. Whats your opinions about males attending class dressed the same why as the ladies are dressed ( by this I mean dressed decantly (sp) not dressed in all funy clothes like for example fishnets )?


What about ladies that would like to learn to dance like the men do ?


Freddie :grinning:

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Three points:


1) I think to some extent it is beneficial to both sexes to learn or at least try the steps of the other, and definitely no one should leave something undone if they are interested in it just because it is a male/female thing. If men want to try pointe, fine. My teacher occasionally gives us steps that she says are traditionally more male parts. That's great.


2) In general, however, there are so few men in ballet that I really would like to see them stick to the male roles... :rolleyes: Ballet is a traditional art, and one of the traditions specifies the separation of male and female roles. Learning both, that I think is nice, but if you are going to stick to one, picking the one there is already surplus for over the one you belong to by default is kind of funny. :P


3) If the reason to do the other gender's roles runs deeper than interest to the steps, as the dressing up question suggests... I would not mind the least bit if there was a cross-gender person (I am sorry, I do not know the correct polite term in English, if I picked the wrong one please forgive me, I do not mean to offend!) in my ballet classes, if this person was out enough to live his/her gender preferences also elsewhere and the class was just a natural continuum to that. I would feel uncomfortable about a male who only dressed as a female and did the femininity thing in a ballet class, however. I would feel as if he was using the class as a means for self-expression of gender... kind of taking advantage of the class. Maybe that's a bit silly, but since you asked how we would feel...

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If I was a teacher I would not mind a male wearing the same as the ladies as long as he is there to learn and not destracting the other studants.



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I admire male dancers a lot, espcially their jumps. (I love to jump) I would love to learn to jump like male dancers do, it looks to like it would be fun, like flying.

I would do that just for fun, I would never show that on stage because I think it is good how the roles are divided in Ballet. The steps are made for the two different body types and I cannot imagine how a male dancer would look doing a ballerinas steps (not to talk about the clothing :rolleyes: ) I like it how the Trocks do it, for fun or for example the mother in La Fille male gardée, where (s)he wears pointe shoes.

In class for me its okay when the roles are changed, to the benefit of learning but I wouldn't watch it of stage when it is meant seriousely.

As Jaana said, ballet is a traditonal art and it should stay traditional.

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I agree with both of you, I should have mentioned (sp) changing rolls in class only or to do fun stuff like the Trocks. I would also prefer that ballet stay as it is. I personaly love to learn the ladies steps aswell and enjoy doing pointe, but I started to dance as an adult and do it only as a hobby and because I love it, not to become a pro.


Freddie :rolleyes:

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