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How to respond to teacher

Guest Soccerbeamgurl

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Guest Soccerbeamgurl

Okay first things first I am a little outspoken sometimes but in this case I don't know what to do because either way I get in trouble.

My teacher will give us an exercise and say it is Relevé plie then later when someone asks her to clarify she changes it to plie releve unknowingly. Well sometimes I used to ask which way she wanted it done and she would get mad at me for asking and then sometimes even try and show the excercise again but do it different that time also. I get really confused and get in trouble if I ask or get in trouble if I just pick one way she did it because she may see someone else and say no you're doing it wrong. Then she tells me that I wasn't paying attention which is why I got the excersise wrong. It is really annoying and I don't know what to do. Have any of you ever seen the shirt that says teachers rules

#1 The teacher is always right

#2 If the teacher is wrong refer to #1

But how do you do that when she is changing the exercise and either way you go you get into trouble. please help! :rolleyes:

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I think it's probably best to just watch carefully and do the best you can to do what you think she wants. However, if it involves relevé, there is always a plié before, and generally after, the relevé. If there were no plié before, then it would be an elevé. :rolleyes:

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Another thing to remember is that, when the teacher accidentally changes the exercise-its usually not a big deal. Think of it as a learning experience, because if ever in the future you dance for a choreagrapher who changes their mind (or the choreagraphy) a lot, you'll be able to easily switch to what they want. So when your teacher accidentally changes something, it's better to brush it off and do what they say than to point it out to them, especially if it's trivial.

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I know how hard this is. But there really is no solution. Try to be attentive as possible and make the most of the exercise you can. And remember, if ever you ask the teacher what she wants, do so nicely and respectfully.

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My teacher has this same problem unfortunately. She started doing it about a year ago when you could tell her mind wasn't totally on the class (I think maybe because her parents weren't in the best of health). The first few months it was really frustrating for both the students and her, but by now we are use to her changing combinations unconciously and we simply brush it off. It is really the best thing to do in the long run. You don't want to get on bad terms with your dance teacher so try hard to do the best you can with your teacher. Hang in there!

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My teacher does that too, and she knows she does. Like spaghetti said, we just brush it off, and go with what she demonstrated, not with what she spoke/said. :wallbash:

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