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I've lost my balance


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I used to be able to do double and triple pirouettes on pointe easily, but now it seems like I can't even do doubles like I used to. I'm also having trouble balancing at the barre like I used to be able to too. Do you think this is because I'm growing a lot? :wink: I just turned 13.

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Yes, honeyb2, I think that is exactly what it is. :wink: Your center has temporarily disappeared due to a growth spurt. Just hang in there and keep working. It will come back!

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Guest dancechallenged



I remember how frustrating it was for my dd when she went through her growth spurts. She was a "late bloomer" but finally grew over 7 inches in one year!!! During that year everything was trouble, she not only lost her "center" but she also became very tight when she had always been extremely flexible. DD found that pilates and stretching DAILY helped greatly. Just know that this is temporary and take some extra measures (to prevent injury) until you get through it. Also, talking to your teacher can help. As your body structure matures your pelvis etc changes. Your teacher may be able to help you correct some things in your technique that could be off as a result of the changes. Good luck and keep at it!!!

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Guest DDancer32

I know exactly how you feel. I am just finishing going through the same thing. What I find really helpful is to let go of the barre immediately and see in which direction you fall. That way, in your next try, you can lean the other way. Doing this when you turn helps a lot, also. Feeling like you have to ake your head touch something a foot above you and really pulling up and keeping your stomach in even more really helps too. Hope it helps! :thumbsup:

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