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Thanks so much for your reply duckie! I don't want to get too personal :D , but would you say this bra would be adequate support for a C cup? I'm just trying to get as much info as I can before getting one, as they are a little pricy. Thanks!

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Pricey, but easily returned. When my daughter didn't like the fit, we sent them back and received a refund, no questions asked.

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I have a nike sports bra that works rather well, but I had to redo the underarm part. It's pricey, at $45 or so in their stores. I want to try this bra

http://www.dancedistributors.com/index.cfm...pln=3936&cat=51 but am wondering about the sizing, because the print catalog says up to D cup and online it says C cup.

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I'm really glad to hear other's opinions of the mirella leotards, as I had been thinking about ordering some to try, but there are no suppliers here in Australia, so I would have had to order from the US- quite expensive! So now I won't bother, as it seems unilkely that they will fit me!


Usually I wear a skin coloured lycra leotard under my leotard, but something that I've noticed is that I seem to show a lot more cleavage in leotards than I would like. The only leotards that don't show lots of cleavage are the ones that I've made myself!

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Amathyst, sorry to respond so late -- I've been away for a long weekend -- re how I wear a regular bra under a low-back leotard: I just tug the back strap down, and it stays there somehow. That also, uh, pulls the front up so I feel extra support there! :blushing:


One thing you might try if you can sew a bit is to attach a couple of pieces of elastic vertically on the inside under the back neckline, then you could loop the back strap of your bra through that? I seem to recall having a dress like that once.

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