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sore shins

Guest thepinkfairy

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Guest thepinkfairy

whenever i do our jetes ordinaires exercise, i get really sore shins. I don't get this problem when doing jumps from two feet, but i do when doing from one. What could i be doing wrong?

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Check yourself to see if you're taking off or landing with a rolled foot. I see that fairly frequently in students.

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Guest dancergal

I also used to get sore shins/shin splints. My problem was that I didn't put my heels down when I landed from jumps. My teacher also suggested that I make sure that my calves stayed loose and not tight.

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Guest cheeriodancer10

Oh, are shin splints and tight calves related? Now that I think of it, it makes sense. Along with getting shin splints, my calves sometimes become immensely tight- to such a degree that I can barely walk. Thankfully that happens rarely though.

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