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At my studio, we have technique class only twice a week. It's 1 and a half hours long, but this is how it's used:


50 minutes: barre


10 minutes: stretching


10 minutes: center


5 minutes: across the floor


any empty space: talking


During the first SI I went to, the barre was a warm up for center, which was like a performance. I think we do way too much barre and too little center. We do like 3 combinations in the center. Any advice?

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My advice was given to you in another topic, dancergirl. If you want to be a dancer, get out of that place and find a REAL Ballet School.


First of all, only two technique classes a week is ridiculous. Secondly, the barre should not be more than 45 minutes, maximum, in an hour and a half class. There should be 45 minutes of center work, at least. This should include a first center combination using port de bras and positions of the body, then adagio, then pirouettes (at least one combination, two if possible), small sautés and changements for warming up the jumps, then petit allegro, grand allegro, and reverence.

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