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Thoughts on my 44th brithday


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Tomorrow is the Day. March 21. Supposed to be the first day of spring, but not this year. There must be some mistake.

I couldn't possibly be 44 either. That can't be right.

44 once looked old to me, but I do not see old in the mirror now. I may have grey in my hair but I have had some of that since I was 22. I also still have the zits I had at 22. Wasn' there supposed to be a nice long gap of years between the end of zits and the onset of grey??? Must be some mistake.

I do have the requisite expanding waistline one is supposed to get after 40 but I have a Weight Watchers meeting to go to tomorrow night before any other fun starts. I am not going to put up with the growing waistline any more! I really thought I would stay skinny until I was 50; just like my dad. That is definitely a mistake, but it is mine.

Maybe I am living the advice of Oscar Wilde and have chosen an age I like and stuck with it somewhere in my psyche. My father in law commented about my upcoming "34th Birthday" the other day. Sweet man! I really liked that. 34 was a great year. If I feel or look 34, I give credit to dance!

I was supposed to forget about dancing by now and give in to the aches and pains that come with age, car accidents, back injuries, fallen arches, bouts of epstein-barr virus, but I rationalized that long ago. No mistake there. If I had chosen and lived a career in dance, not a day would have gone by without some sort of pain in the body somewhere. So what is the difference? Might as well keep dancing if I love it.

I'm giving myself a 90 minute massage for my birthday. Life is good.


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Happy birthday.


No doubt getting older is a &^%$ physically speaking, but from a mental standpoint it’s terrific (this is a 60 year old speaking). And I think dance is an ideal activity for the older person. No you can’t stick your knee in your ear, turn 5 pirouettes, or jump to the ceiling. But you have wisdom and life experience that you can translate into movement as well as, and sometimes better than, the most virtuosic 20 year old.

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Happy Birthday!!! :D I hope that, in addition to your fabulous massage, [mmmm.... massage.... (insert drooling homer simpson noises here)] you also get to take some time for class today! :rolleyes:

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Happy Birthday Laschwen!! :rolleyes: I completely hear you on all those laments, :D


Have a great one and hopefully you'll find some time for dance today. Enjoy your special day!

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happy birthday laschwen!!!!!! i hope you had a great day and that you enjoyed your massage.


let's have a party :party::):party::hyper::party::hyper:


i always meet people who have their birthday on the same day as mine ;)!!! and today was a lovely day overhere, and my mom said that it was similar to the day that I was born 21 years ago (i hope i don't offend anyone with this :blushing: )



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Happy, happy, happy birthday, Laschwen! The one thing I wanted to do on my 44th (a few months ago) was, of course, to take a ballet class! I hope class has been, or will be, part of your special day. All my best --



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Happy belated birthday! Please don't feel old! I strongly believe that you are only as old as you feel. :wacko: I also believe that 'old' should not have negative connotations. My grandmother, one of the people that I most respect, is, I suppose, old. She is 80.

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Thank You all for your warm wishes. You are beautiful and inspiring people.

I have a friend here with the same birthday (50 for her) but we weren't as celebratory as last year. We shared a party last year. This year it was a weight watchers meeting followed by a movie with my sister-in-law. I got my "first 5 lb loss" bookmark at ww and promptly left the meeting to go eat popcorn at the movie.

No class that day. I did some practice the next morning though....

Thanks again,


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