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Summer school at the Laban (in London)


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I was just checking out the Laban website the other day and found out they're doing a Summer School this year!!


It's held on 18th - 29th July this year, and costs GBP450. 4 x 1.5hr classes every day, including ballet, contemporary, Pilates, Yoga, Choreography, etc etc.


I've never been to this before (well I just found out about it!), so I can't give recommendations, but for anyone who's interested definitely check it out!!


website is www.laban.org .


I'm just so excited about finding something that remotely resembles an SI for adults! Just had to share :D




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hi fish,

thanks for that, im not sure if i would be welcome just yet as i have only been taking ballet for about 8 months, i take two classes a week, (i would take more but there arent any others available)

do you know what stage you would need to be at to be accepted and would you audition for entry?

i was thinking maybe for next summer, if i work hard and arrange some other classes too :angry:

thanks again,


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Hm... they've got level 1 classes which they indicate that are for complete beginners or people who take 1 class a week.


And there's no audition, all you need to do is pay :)


I've applied already :blushing: , and I've taken ballet for about the same amount the time as you! (I guess I'm just a bit bold... heh heh....)


All I know is that if you apply before the end of May, you just need to pay £25 to reserve yourself a place, and then pay up the full balance nearer the time. If you apply in June then you'll have to pay everything up front.


It'd be so nice to see you there!! Please do consider it!! :angry:

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WOW :blushing:

Fish you are an angel! :)


I remember looking at the Laban site last year, im sure they were not advertising the summer school back then!

I cant believe it really, i too have been looking for a summer school just like laban!

All i have to do is convince my boyfriend that it is the best thing for me to do - i am forming a plan right now :angry:


Are you definately going? and would you use there accomodation? It sounds ok and convienient as its close by, the price is alot extra but, is reasonable compared to some other rooms which are for rent.

Im excited now, wasnt sure if i could find somewhere suitable, Laban seems perfect for me. Let me know what you think?


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Well I sent off the application off a couple of days ago and paid the deposit, so if there's no life-and-death issues around the time, then I'm going!


I only live around 15min bus ride from there so I don't think I'm taking the accommodation.... hehe....




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lucky you, i forgot you live in london! :)

i will have to take the accomodation as i dont want to be travelling backwards and forwards everyday. At least i wont have to go too far - extra timw in bed! :D

anyway i want to book soon - how much was the deposit?

if we both get in, you could show me around then?

i forgot to ask if there is an age restriction? :rolleyes:


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Deposit was £25, and some courses were specified as for age 16-18, and some 18+.


Link for summer school information is here:



It's got everything you'll need to know (I think!)





P.S. Yeah sure I'll show you around, just that I don't know if I'll have enough energy left to go anywhere after 6 hours dancing every day! I'll try my best! :D

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i just got the application form, would be best for me to pay the deposit - to avoid disapointment :D

also the deposit for my accomodation :)

im sure we will be exhausted to begin with but we finish at 5.30, so there is plently of time to relax. I forgot to ask your age, you dont have to say, im just being nosy :rolleyes:


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Laban is quite profit-orientated. I am sure that a place is secured as long as you pay :)

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Hi dsl :)

have you been to Laban? what is your opinion?


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I cannot comment on the summer school but I had some students from Laban auditioning for me last summer and I was not impressed at all with their ballet technique.

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no i guessed that laban wasnt too ballet orientated - more contemporary. I would probably benefit from the yoga and pilates and basic ballet for several reasons.

1. i still class myself as beginner in ballet - less than one year - two classes a week.

2. i hope to teach yoga and pilates in the future.

3. general experience and being able to dance all day, every day! :)


can you recommend any other adult summer intensives? bearing in mind -im not a professional or a teenager anymore!

any advice appreciated :wink:


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If you have some more experience you might want to go to London Studio Center's summer course.


Re Laban I was refer to graduates from their degree programme. They do have a ballet technique class every day but the standard is not very high

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thanks dsl - i will check that out :)


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They do require quite a lot of experience at the London Studio Centre, so I was planning to go when I have more experience :)


I'm 23 by the way :wink:

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