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Right now I am in a preprofessional ballet company. It's a pretty good school, one of the best in my area and dancers from the school have been accepted to some great summer intensives. My only problem is that I think I am not getting enough techenique classes as the company focuses heavily on preforming. I am thirteen and I know in order for me to go pro what I need the most right now is technique before preforming. If I do not get into UBA year round or cannot come up with the money to go, I think my best decision is to go to Houston Ballet Academy. If anyone has any information on the school I would greatly appreciate it!

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FouetteFanatic, Houston Ballet has always had an excellent school, and I think that would be far better for you than leaving home at 13. Have you auditioned for their school for year round? Are you going there this summer?

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I know quite a bit about it, but I don't go there currently. I've some friends who both go there and have gone there in the past. Also, a lot of word-of-mouth from other sources, but I don't really think I should talk about anything I don't know semi-directly.


What exactly would you like to know? :blushing:

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Ms. Leigh, I am not going there for their summer intensive, but I will be at their year round auditions this summer. Thanks Marentha. Does anyone know what a weekly schedule is like?

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It depends on the level, obviously. I assume you'll only be interested in 4 and up - I don't know the particular times for this year, sorry, but essentially, it's all six technique classes a week for levels four through seven, jazz in level four, modern in levels 5-7, pointe class going from I believe 3-5 times a week as the levels increase, and in levels 6&7, both partnering classes (once a week for 6, twice a week for seven) and something called DRS - Dance Related Studies - once a week. It's character, jazz, seminars in nutrition, stuff like that.


It's not a super strenuous schedule, really. 2-3 classes a day, and as you get older, the classes get earlier and earlier in the afternoon. I believe that level 7's classes every weekday start at 2.30, and are usually completely done by 6 or 630, and occasionally earlier.


I don't know about rehearsals - obviously those are also factored in, but I can't give you any information, sorry. :blushing:


And as for Saturday classes - younger dancers have to wake up earlier, with the earliest class at 9, I think, but some of the upper levels don't have to show up until 11 or 12. I get the impression that HB is really trying to make sure that their older dancers can have some semblance of a social life ALONG with intense training - thus, the early finish to Friday classes, and the late start to Saturdays.




EDIT: Sorry, I just remembered! Level 5 doesn't have 6 technique classes a week, I think. I'm pretty sure that they have Friday off. They only attend class 5 days a week.

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Fouette Fanatic,

Cross Talk is the forum where discussions about year-round programs are held. YOu might get better response to your question by posting there, as both parents and students can post there and contribute to the discussion.

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One other thing...I see that there are two auditions for the academy. I cannot go to the first one because I will be at UBA. I've heard that if you audition at the second one the chances of getting in are slim. If that's true what should I do? My mother said that I should write the the school saying that I am serious about attending their year round school but cannot make the first audition because I will be in D.C. dancing. Is this a good idea?

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FouetteFanatic, since you live in the Houston area, I would think that you might be able to audition in a regular class at the school during the current year. I would certainly call and ask them if that is possible, since you will not be there in the summer for the first audition.

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