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Guest onpointe23

Hello all. Please help me :blushing:

I want, more than anything in my life, to become a professional ballerina. I have been working so hard for such a long time and plan on continuing through it. Ballet is what I love more than anything else. I can't help it- it's my passion. I know that I am not a "normal teenager". I listen to classical music during school, I dance through the hallways at school, and all I can think about is ballet. I'm just not interested in the other things that girls my age are (like who is dating who). But I also do very well in school. I am starting highschool very soon, and thoughts have run through my mind that are terrifying me. :( I'm afraid my parents are going to make me go to college first thing I graduated from highschool. This thought makes me cry myself to sleep at night. I can't bare to think of giving up all my years of training and hard work to lead a life I don't love. I understand that my parents want me to be successful in life, and to be "accepted" in society. I guess that some people don't think it is appropriate not to go to college, espacially when the standards for kids these days are so high. But the thing is, I don't want to give up what I love to be "accepted" into society. What do I do? My parents just don't understand. :crying:

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Onpointe23, you are still a long ways from that point in time, and worrying about it now is a waste of time and energy. Put your time and energy into your work, become such a good dancer that you will be company ready, or at least apprentice or trainee ready, by the time you graduate. By that time your family will realize that you have a life and a career of your own. Continue to prepare for college in terms of your grades and courses, SAT's, etc., and maybe even do all the college preparation in your senior year. You can get accepted and then defer it for a year or more. College can happen any time, ballet can't. By the time you are a senior, depending on how things go for you in the next 4 years, lots of things can change. But getting upset about it now is useless.


Just continue to dance and grow as an artist, and by the time these decisions have to be made your family may be in a totally different place than they are right now. And your teachers will be able to help you as well. :blushing:

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:blushing: That's what we are here for, onpointe! Glad to be of help to you.
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