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Pas de bourree en pointe


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Should pas de bourree be done en pointe or demi pointe (in pointe shoes) when it is a quick transition between other steps and the instructor doesn't specify for the dancer to "pick up" each step? Is it a matter of personal/choreographer/teacher preference or is there a "proper" way?


Especially when it's a quick step I cannot get up en pointe and pas de bourree without looking completely "lame!" Same with balance, actually.


My current instructor teaches primarily Cecchetti style but we've had a substitute the past few classes that seems to be Vaganova and she's thrown in some really quick pas de bourres in some recent combinations.

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I think it's personal preference/style. I usually try to do pointe for pas de bouree. Sometimes a quick one en tournant into a lunge prep or something, I'll take on demi-pointe...but usually try for full pointe. I only "pick up" pas de bouree with even timing in one particular teacher's class because I noticed that his "regulars" do. Most of the time, I do a pas de bouree really fast, so it's almost a swoop into sous-sus...a "pasdebou" in a way... No one really cares to see a PAS-DE-BOU-REE with one beat for each step. IMO.


Personally, I think balance going on pointe looks fussy, but I'll do it if it's REALLY SLOW. Sometimes.

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It depends on the choreography and whether the pas de bourrée is intended as a means to get where you are going, or if it is a step all it's own that is intended to be noticed.

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ive always liked pas de bourres en pointe when done quickly. especially in petit allegro. i just think it looks nice.

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