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Books: Performance Anxiety

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Are there any books about (dance) performance anxiety? Any academic literature, or articles in dance magazines greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, can't help with books but I have heard of dancers working with sports coaches for their anxiety. Apparently, there is such a thing as 'performance coaches' out there. Still others may need to seek the professional help of a psychologist.


Hope that helps a little!

Clara 76

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Thanks Clara. I found a very few books + a longer study about performance anxiety in music. I just thought that there must be some more literature on this topic...

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Well, I do know Linda Hamilton's "Advice for dancers" book does cover this topic, however I don't know how much depth you are looking for in your reaserch, but you might want to look it up anyway.


Gotta love that book.

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Thanks Danzatriz, I got this one already. But I also order "Guide to Performing Arts Psychology" by Hamilton. It just takes 4 weeks for Amazon to get it to me :blushing:

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Last year, my daughter and I picked up a copy of Don Greene's book, "Performance Success: Performing Your Best Under Pressure" at Juilliard's book store and my daughter found that it helped her immensely. The book, like Greene's course at Juilliard, is geared to instrumental musicians, but except for the examples, all of the advice seeemed very valuable. You can read more about Don Greene at his website. NPR's "All Things Considered" show recently featured Greene's Juilliard class on their "Popular College Courses" series: Juilliard Students Learn to Avoid Stage Fright.

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That is so helpful! Thanks for the Juilliard recommendation

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