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Books: The Person Behind the Mask

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Has anybody read this book about performance psychology? It has been released in 1998. I know that Hamilton gives advice in one of the dance magazines. Is this book more popular psychology or is it more academically grounded?

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The "Person Behind the Mask" by Linda Hamilton, Ph.D. is academically grounded and summarizes research on occupational stress in the performing arts, along with case studies by the the author, who is a clinical psychologist. She has also written a second book "Advice for Dancers," based on her research of over 1,000 dancers nationwide.

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Thanks dancemed for your reply. I found that Hamilton's work offers a good approach to dance psychology and it is well suited for those seeking initial information on psychological issues in dance . Other and more detailed information are available in articles in specific journals such as 'Medical Problems of Performing Artists' and IADMS's 'Journal of Dance Medicine and Science'.


May I ask in what kind of field in dance medicine you are working? My research is about emotional issues in ballet training at elite dance conservatoires. Anyway, glad you are member of BA now and welcome again :-) Are you by any chance attending the IADMS conference in Stockholm this year? :innocent:

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