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Walnut Hill Year Round

Guest willisdju

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Roughly speaking -- I believe level 1 has around 15 students this year, and levels 2 and 3 have more like 20ish students each.


(My daughter is in the extension school, which is why I have some idea.)

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I also was accepted to the year round program (my sister and I) and the scholarship money definitely made it within reach to attend.


Lahina- are you and your daughter planning to go visit? And how old is your daughter? We aren't sure if we will be able to make it up, but are hoping to.


They said that they accepted 20 out of 100 applications when they sent the additional information.

Hope that helps.

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TutuGirly, I really would like to go and check it out. Still trying to talk my husband into it. How old are you? My daughter will be a Freshman next year.

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I'm sixteen, so I will be a junior next year. My little sister though, would also be a freshman next year. :)

We're trying to talk them into going to visit as well. So hopefully it will all come through.

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Ah!!! I have my audition tomorrow for the year-round. I already saw the outside of the school before and loved it. Wish me luck.



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Lahina- I'm tutugirly's sister! Hello, I just thought I would introduce myself.


I was wondering if anyone knew how dorms worked out? Like, is everyone with someone of a different concentration? Are the rooms an okay size? Does everyone get along okay with their roomates? etc.


Thanks! :thumbsup:

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Someone earlier said that this program doesn't place dancers directly into companies very often, does this mean that companies don't think of WHS grads very highly, or that they aren't trained as well as others, or is it just that the grads themselves aren't interested in dancing professionally?

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I'd suggest you carefully make your way through Walnut Hill's website. Here's a page that shows not only the colleges, universities, conservatories attended but, also, the ballet companies their graduates from 2000 - 2003 joined: Walnut Hill's alumnae matriculations. Naturally this list only covers those three years... If you're considering applying, you would certainly be expected to ask questions and get answers to your questions regarding their ballet students and where they've ended up. :thumbsup:

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Guest balletandsynchro

Just adding a talking point here: Walnut Hill is a member of the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) which is a very prestigious organization for Independent schools, and it is difficult to receive the accreditation. In otherwords, not all independent schools are members. I do not have children who attend Walnut, BUT my synchro daughter attends an NAIS accredited school in California, and I can tell you that NAIS sets academic standards with which the school must comply. I'm certain that whether or not the student wishes to attend university, the student will be required to take a rigorous academic schedule, as is true at my daughter's school. I would suspect that Walnut Hill's primary goal is to get the students ready for university, regardless of the artistic discipline he or she takes. I think unsoccermom has/had children attending Walnut Hill, and she could advise you better. :wink:

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Guest unsoccer-mom

"Most dancers that graduate from Walnut Hill seem to go on to college dance programs and not directly into companies. My impression is that most dancers who attend WHS are attracted to it precisely because academics are important to them." This quote is from the opening statment (mine) of this thread so balletandsynchro is right on the academics. My daughter does currently attend, but is soon to graduate. One of her ballet friends is going on to Vassar another to NYU. If you go to the WHS website and select click on the college and conservatory placement tab, you will see an impressive list of colleges that WHS grads go onto. There is, also, a listing for companies albiet small.

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Guest lurry

Yes, many students attend college. This isn't because the training isn't comperable to other ballet schools, it is just that many kids their choose to go to a university. One young man, the ABT scholarship recipient, which is an awesome dancer, mentioned that he would never leave WH to enter into a company before graduation, which he could if he wanted. He placed a lot of emphasis on education. Another young gal, whom was a great dancer, was accepted into Princton. Not because she couldn't dance, but because education was important to her.


The great thing about this school is, is that they don't put all their eggs into one basket. Someone mentioned on a post, somewhere, that only 2-3% of girls taking ballet go onto a professional career; for one reason or another. Getting a superior education, besides dance, gives kids options.


Kids change, physically, mentally and socalially. Sometimes they decide that what they originally wanted, isn't what they want now. This comes on the heels as many companies are struggling finacially, not many dancers are being hired, it's very competative and they seem to migrate to a career that will promise them a future. With this in mind, WH prepares them for what MAY come. This is reassurence and peace of mind in turbulent times.


WH offers the best of both worlds and hats off to them for that.


In addition, when you have a small and intiment program, you won't hear much about it. This is because they don't fill the entire room with dancers for the money. Many "company schools" use the proceeds from the school to help balance the budget for companies. So in order help the company, they teach several kids. And when you have several graduates from a school, their name will be introduced into the public foreum more often.


WH offers great training and most of all, a great education to fall back on.

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Just adding here, no personal experince with WHS, but their students do go on to be professional dancers. One of them is with Kansas City Ballet right now and she is beautiful. Alot of the kids who are at WHS are very education focused from what I know. Plus, the competition is fierce out there, not every dancer from every school will get a job.

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