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Cecchetti-based schools/companies

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I know that there is a Cecchetti school in Michigan. Their web site is www.cecchetti.org and # (734)379-6710, Gail Choate-Pettit. Check the last 3 Dance Magazines, as they did have a SIS for it. (page 111 in the Feb. issue.)

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hi there is the New York Theater Ballet in New York City that is Ceccheti, the director is Diana Byers and they have a website,but I am not sure of the url. they are located at 31st street between Madison and Park. wink.gif

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Guest hesterlover1

I am a student, so if my post is out of line here, please delete it. I study Cecchetti, so I know of quite a few dance schools that teach the method. I live in Michigan, and aside from my studio I know of several studios that teach the method--some of them are good. I have been to the summer intensive in Michigan twice, and I think it's a very good program for a younger dancer--I LOVED it when I went, at the ages of 12 and 13. Since it's only two weeks I've looked for something longer the past few years. Also, I believe the National Ballet of Canada's school uses both the RAD method and the Cecchetti method, and I think their students take exams--correct me if I'm wrong!! No company can really exactly utilize the Cecchetti method, but as far as I know the National Ballet School of Canada comes the closest to integrating the method into their training. I hope this helps you!! :-D

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I believe that used to teach primarily cecchetti. They have now developed their own syllabus. Some older students and those in the teacher training program still take the cecchetti and RAD exams. NBS also hosts a cecchetti "day" from time to time.

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I noticed on the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School's website that they just hosted a Cechetti Workshop in November. I don't know how Cechetti fits into their training program (if at all) or if they just allow them to use the facilities for workshops from time to time.

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RWB's General division is a Cecchetti program, as well as their teacher training program. The Professional division is Russian based but not Vaganova since they do not have certified Vaganova teachers on the faculty. They have compiled their own syllabus based upon Vaganova ideology as they have interpreted it. They have trained some very strong students following their own program.

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