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What's that step called..?


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Sorry for the ignorance, but I was wondering about a particular step.


You start at 5th position - then you stand on one leg en pointe, (say the left one), and at the same time you "throw" the other (right) leg to the side. Then you bring back the right leg behind the left, en fondu.

Then you immediately do the same on the other side (standing on the right leg, throwing the left leg to the side and it closes behind the other one en fondu).


I know my description is kind of silly :blushing: and maybe it doesn't even have a name..

It is very tricky if you do it fast..

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Those are ballonnés dessouses sur pointe, linked by coupés.

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I make it 'coupé fouetté raccourci' from the definition... and in a RAD terminology... I could be wrong.

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I hate, hate, hate that step! They are truly the bane of my pointe existence, and the day I can correctly execute a series of them at a reasonable clip without getting completely fuddled I will throw myself a party.


At this point it's all psychological, but I think it's gone on for too long to be curable without some intensive work (which, of course I won't put in because I hate them so much :innocent: ).


Sorry, that was a bit off topic, but your description was perfect!

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Balletowoman, your translation is RAD-perfect. Mine was more the "International" terminology, which is the Italo-Franco-Russian patois that came with the 1920s and 30s. Just goes to show that it's so difficult to find a universal way of conveying a step or combination in writing. Arnold Haskell was about the best at it, and sometimes he was hard to understand.

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