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what makes a big jump?


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I've been told that I have a big jump...and I'd agree that I do. But I was wondering, what gives some people big jumps, and others not? Also, is there a way to increase the height of your jump? :wacko:

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Sometimes, a dancer is aided in jumping by the skeletal structure of the body, particularly, the legs. A bow-legged (arqué) dancer is likely to be built with the power to make for a high jump. But no amount of power can replace the proper use of the foot in taking off from the floor (and landing, too!) and good placement and alignment through the whole body which allows it to jump all at one time. Ever see somebody who seemed to jump in pieces? It's a pretty amazing spectacle.

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Thanks Mr. Johnson. I'd always wondered about it. It seems that it's the light people who jump high (at least in my class it is). But wouldn't people who are larger have more 'take off' power? Or does it have nothing at all to do with weight? :wacko:

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Weight can be a contributing factor, but not really a deciding one.

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Guest Jess!

hey :wacko: I have a small body, and I can't jump all that high either :sweating: And there is a girl who is in my class who is really tall and she has quite a big build and she has the most amazing elevation! She can jump really giht (split leaps, but she is really good in other jumps as well).

It is so cool to watch.


I have been told, before you are just about to jump and you do a Demi Plie to really do a BIG one and that will help you to get a nice jump.


Hope this helps

bye! :D

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Mr. Johnson, when I read the bit about being bow-legged it all made sense because I am bow-legged. :( And Jess, thanks for the suggestion of a deep demi-plie before the jump. It definitely works aye? But my problem is that i jump too high and get out of time with the music. I'm working on restraining it. Don't want to loose music marks. :wacko:

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Since you have a high jump, then you have time to play with. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you always have to use it. (You have a six o'clock arabesque penché? Fine, just don't use it in Bournonville!) Concentrate instead on accurate position in the air, and keeping with the music. That's not all there is to musicality, but it can't happen unless you stay with the beat, at least.

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Thanks...that should help. :wub: And the good thing is that there are also plenty of excersises that I can use my jump in.

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Guest winterfresh844

Mr. Johnson, how does one with a pretty big jump manage to smaller jump combinations without getting too slow for the music? i always end up feeling more comfortable to the tempo of the gentlemen's group, like that i can fit it all in at that tempo where as at the normal fast tempo i feel like i have to sacrifice too much to fit the music. any tips?

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hey winterfresh....I must admit I feel the same way as you about jumping faster combinations. For my last RAD exam, the pianist actually slowed down the music for one excersise so I could use my jump. And Mr. Johnson, why do the guys get the slow music??? :angry:

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A lot of the tempo issue has to do with typical vocabulary differences for male and female dancers. Much women's material consists of petit batterie and taqueterie (tiny, low-to-the-ground steps). Men's vocabulary often is heavy with grand batterie and the larger jumps which exploit elevation (temps d'elevation). It is up to the dancer and the teacher, working together, to work on the things that are not their strengths. Jumpers, work on the lowdown stuff and be sure that you can move quickly. Terre à terre dancers, make sure that you can work in the slower tempi and build your elevation. :angry:

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Yep, more petit allegro combinations, faster and faster! :)

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