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English National Ballet Repertoire Day


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Hi all!


Just wondering if anyone else is going to the English National Ballet Adult Ballet repertoire day (what a mouthful!) on 9th April.


If anyone is it would be great to meet up as I am going on my own! *Poor lonely Jen*



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I will be abroad but just check out their website. Have fun :-)

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Sorry if I'm being daft (hey, PhD students aren't supposed to have common sense, right?), but I couldn't find anything on the website, nor via google... help?

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Has anyone here ever done the ENB's Adult Ballet classes and/or rep day in the past? I'm *very* tempted to go, but would be interested in hearing other's thoughts, and an idea of what levels would be appropriate.



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A friend of mine takes classes there (I think she goes on a Tuesday). Level is about Intermediate/Advanced. If you have ever taken Susans class at Pineapple on a Saturday... it will be more advanced that this one. Classes are quite small and "only" 6 pounds.

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Thanks DSL - but I've never watched or taken Susan's class! I've taken Roland's 12 noon class on a weekday, and at Danceworks I've taken Paul Lewis' Saturday morning class and Zina's Sunday morning class - any idea of how these compare?


I'm asking mainly because I'd have to change my schedule next week to do this - and I'm totally willing too, but just want to 'weigh the pros and cons'!





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Hi Jenny,


Myself and a friend will be there! Look for the short Indian girl! :D



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Thats cool, sounds like quite a group of us will be going now.. I'm bringing a friend along also!


I'm kinda tall, normally wearing something pink with a capezio bag. Look out for me :grinning:


Jen x

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I went to the adult ballet class at ENB last night and they said there's still spaces for the Rep day!!


Look for me as well - medium height chinese girl with a black bag (yep, I *do* stand out.... :clapping: )




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It was nothing like the classes I've taken elsewhere.


I took the beginners class, and it was AMAZING. This is a class I wish I would have taken when I first started. Clear explanation of what the positions are, instead of expecting you to figure it out for yourself.


The barre was very simple yet everything well explained. We did some simple pliés, tendus, degagés and rond de jambes. Most of the time the arms are at bras bas which took a bit of getting used to - I guess I'm getting too comfortable having gotten used to doing everything with arms in second!


The centre was so much fun!! We did a port-de-bras, kind of a walk-through of all the arm positions, a simple balancé exercise (very character-like, which I have never done before!), little jumps, and travelling sauté passés (turned in) (sorry I don't know what the proper name for this is....) - so much fun!!


The studio was the best I've danced in, spacious, big mirrors, and good marley floor.


Can't wait until Saturday!! And I know I'm going to look forward to Tuesdays from now on!! :clapping:




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