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English National Ballet Repertoire Day


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God I wish I could have come to the classes! They sound great!


Am really looking forward to saturday now! Is the saturday class at the same venue as the tuesday one?


If so, which is the nearest tube station?

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Thanks for the report, Fish! I think this will make such a difference from the horrid studios we have here in Oxford! Am looking forward to it!


Yup, Saturday is at the same place in Jay Mews.... We'll be coming in from Ox on the bus so will probably get off at Notting Hill and walk through the gardens... if it's not chucking down rain!

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Nearest tube is South Kensington. The place is literally right next to the Royal Albert Hall, so after you get off the tube just follow signs for the Royal Albert Hall.




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Chinafish, that is what I meant when I do not really recommend LEARNING ballet at Danceworks or Pinneapple. I suppose it was a much smaller class as well? :-)

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If I had *known* that ENB does adult ballet classes.... gggrrrr.....


There were still around 20-30 people, but because the studio was sooooo much bigger it's not as crowded as danceworks.





*counting down to Saturday*!!!!

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If I had *known* that ENB does adult ballet classes.... gggrrrr.....


My friend goes to an intermediate class and there are only 10 people :-) There are many smaller studios in London which offer adult classes. You just have to shop a bit around

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See you all there saturday!

I will keep a look out for you all :D

Im 5'6 with dark blonde hair - should be tied back! (wind and rain forcasted!!! :unsure: )

I will have my black nike sports bag with me.

I guess i dont really have any distinguishing features :P

What time are people arriving?


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I am aiming to meet people outside the venue at 10.40... thats if the trains are good!


Which station do you come into? Waterloo?

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Nooo!! Not Waterloo!!


I guess you are confusing it with the Royal Fesitval Hall....


It's next to the Royal Albert Hall, nearest tube South Kensington.


Here's a map:






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Oh no, dont worry! Thats just the station I come into before I get the tube, I was just wondering if this was anyone else's first stop!


Does anyone know how far South Kensington is from Waterloo?



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Ah ha! :shrug:


Hm... It's a bit funny to try and get to South Ken from Waterloo, because there's no direct line.


Closest would be (i think) Jubilee Line to Westminster, then District/Circle line to South Kensington.


I assume you get to Waterloo by train?


One reason London transport is not my favourite underground system is because you have to walk miles to change lines..... up and down, up and down, by the time you've changed lines you might as well have walked from Waterloo Main line over to Westminster...... (Sorry for this mini-rant.... :D

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I completely understand, so many escalators!


I am going to Waterloo by train... hopefully they will be on time!


Me and a friend are going on a mission afterwards to go round all the dance shops in London (if we can!), anyone is welcome to join us!




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While you're there could you see if they are running another one at a later date-I am working for finals and don't live in London (yet) so this one wasn't really very likely to happen-sucha shame-am having trouble getting hold of natalie (maybe just ringing at the wrong time).

Before I went to uni-a friend of mine used to go to these adult classes and loved them-I didn't need to supplement my over full-time dancing schedule but now my life has completely changed I am going to definitely contiue my 'come back' when I move to London and these classes seem like a good idea-how much are they (I presume it's termly) and at what time are they?



Have fun lucky things!!

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One reason London transport is not my favourite underground system is because you have to walk miles to change lines.....



Chinafish, my mother grew up in South Kensington, before she took on the gypsy life of an actress all over the north, and she always says that she was sure Tube trains just went round in a circle, and that really you got to where you're going by walking through all the tunnels!



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