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English National Ballet Repertoire Day


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Hi everyone,

my first stop is kings cross - anyone else?

will get tube to south kensington, not sure if can get a direct line - i hope so :huepfen:

im leaving extra early - in case of train trouble!!

let me know if anyone else is at kings cross about 10 - 10.30?

cassy :wub:

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LOL, is this the first time that all of you travel? :P


There are probably many teenagers who travel much more far away to their SI. :(:thumbsup::blushing:

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Hi everyone,

my first stop is kings cross - anyone else?

will get tube to south kensington, not sure if can get a direct line - i hope so :(



You're in luck! Piccadilly line gets you straight there!!

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dsl - i wish i was as priveleged as those teenagers who can afford to travel about to take classes and attend SI, I would of loved the opportunity when i was younger and still would now :D

unfortunately my family just could not afford to pay fees and travel costs :thumbsup:

on the up side though - now that im earning my own money - i can dedicate as much as i can to dancing :thumbsup:


p.s you say you will be abroad? Are you going on holiday or to some intensive abroad?

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Just a week in Germany to get some writing done and to get away from stressful London for a few days. I can happily live without taking class for a week or two - term starts for me next week anyway and I will get as much classes as I want (if I have time)

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Sounds good, its nice to take a break sometimes :sweating:

Hope you have a fantastic time :lol:


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I do travel to London quite a lot, but I have never been to ENB's HQ.


I am getting a bit excited now, i'm such a big kid!



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Right, am looking forward to meeting all of you tomorrow - this looks to have more BA people than our London meet!


Jenny, I know I said that I'd be there around 10:40, but I think I'm going to try to get there earlier - we have a long busride from Oxford before that, and I want some time to change, get moving, and warm up a bit (we have a show in 3 weeks, and I'm being extra-cautious!).



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OK thats cool, I know the class doesn't start till 11.00, I would like to come a bit earlier... but the trains are unreliable!


I'll just meet you in the changing area! :lol:

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Looking forward to meeting you all :lol:


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It was so nice to meet up with everyone!!


Bit scared as everyone kind of looked at me and said "You're fish, right?".... :blushing:


The morning class was a bit fast, and I really needed to switch on my brain to do the combinations. (by the way sorry to ami - I kicked her in the leg when we were doing grand battemants.. sorry!! :clapping: )


Although I have to say the technique that was taught was a bit different from other teachers I've had - when we were facing the bar doing degages, she said the weight was supposed to be all the way over the supporting leg, while other teachers I've had said I am not allowed to shift the weight. Hm....


Turns - I don't understand how she could do triples without the floor squeaking!! It was a marley floor, and whenever I tried to turn, I couldn't even do a single because the stickiness of the floor only allowed me to do a half turn!!


During the lunch hour a member of the company came and used the room (I forgot his name....), and he was doing multiple turns in the studio WITHOUT ANY SQUEAKING... How did he manage that???? (he was so good...... one of the moments where you'll think "I'm never going to be as good as him..... :huh: )


After lunch started the repertoire session. It was so much fun!! It also made me appreciate how difficult a corp de ballet dancer's job is. It never occured to me that you have to make sure you're in line with so many other people!! Once it was explained then (of course) it made sense because if I were the audience and saw these people walking up and down the stage but out of line I'd shout "Gimme my money back!" :flowers:


After the classes a couple of us went leotard shopping. I bought 3 new ones.... :flowers: (Bad fishy, bad fish!!!)


All in all, a really fun day, I really enjoyed it. Apparently there's going to be another similar event in June! Details are not out yet, but once they are we'll surely tell, and probably more people will be able to come!!




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I had a really good day yesterday meeting everyone and class at ENB was amazing. I really enjoyed learning the repertoire :clapping:


Fish & Cassy - I had a good time shopping for dance stuff with you, we should do it again sometime! I spent more money than I should have!

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the stickiness of the floor only allowed me to do a half turn!!


Probably you have Rosin on your shoes from Danceworks... you better get different shoes for Marley floors, otherwise it is difficult to turn :clapping: Glad you had fun though

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Hm... that might be why!! Thanks for the tip!!


(Hm... shopping!!!! :clapping: )

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