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English National Ballet Repertoire Day


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Hi everyone,

How are your muscles? :P

Im not too bad, slightly achy legs this morning!!

I had a really fun time yesterday and was really glad to meet you all :)

Cant wait for the next one :)

I was struggling a bit yesterday - still class myself as a newbie and i found the first class quite fast paced, which was good in some ways because they packed alot in, just found the technique quite different and the tempo faster!! :sweating:


Oh no, hope this doesnt mean we will have to buy new shoes to stop sticking!!!!

I did see several things when we went shopping, next time will make more time to shop!!

Which leos did you buy in the end fish!?


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My legs were a little bit achy!


I love my pink and blue leotards! They are pretty! I can't wait to have a ballet class so I can wear them!

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I bought a blue camisole cotton lycra leotard, a pink tank cotton lycra leotard, and a blue/pink microfibre camisole criss cross leo. (See where my pattern is? :P )


(And I was aiming to buy a black leo... :) )


My legs were ok but my upper back was aching all last night and this morning. Never thought the "Don't shoot me" arms could be that exhausting....


Due to the fact that it was Sunday, and me being tired and all, and my fella was doing the DIY in the toilet and everything, I *couldn't* (yeah right...) do anything around the flat so I woke up at around 11am, watched some tv, went back to sleep and didn't really wake up until 5pm. Mwahahahahahah!!! (Hm.... :) How I can take pride in being lazy, I don't know....)

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Hi Guys!


It was great to meet with all of you on Saturday! I hope you enjoyed the shopping - we had a lovely walk through the parks and then did a bit of shopping (or my flatmate did - I was very good and didn't spend any money! Then again I haven't grown taller for years so I have the most inexplicably large dance-clothes collection.....). Then it was to dinner and a night at the ROH - perfect!


Again, it was really good to meet all of you - this was more successful than our London meet! And it was fun - and I love the music for Dance of the Knights! I'm more familiar with the MacMillan version and haven't watched the Nureyev one for years, so this was different and exciting!


Fish - you're right that some of the technique was different than what is taught elsewhere.... I've found this is true with most teachers though, which can make things rather confusing! I've finally found a teacher/technique that really works for me, and I try to integrate other things into it... but it sends my mind into a spin sometimes! I really liked how energetic and positive she was though. And the squeaks - definitely a rosin issue - my flatmate had the same. And this is part of the reason I prefer water on my soft shoes!


BTW, it was totally me that kicked you! So sorry. I'm used to standing in the corner and judging distance, and I just totally judged wrong....


I was very nervous when Daria Klimentova came in and watched!!!!!!!!!!!!


And wasn't the repetitieur (sp?) cool??? I loved her - she had so much energy, knew her stuff, and was such a good actress. Mad cool.


Jealous that you all got to relax on Sunday though - we got up early to clean the flat and bake - had a bunch of other dancers over to help finish up costumes!


Hope to see you next time!




Edit - on ballet.co there is a section about some more open days at ENB - unfortunately it looks like they might be on a Friday... which happens to be the last day of university term so I totally couldn't do it... :)


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Daria Klimentova came in and watched????!!!!!




gggrrrr... didn't know that!!

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Daria Klimentova came in and watched????!!!!!




gggrrrr... didn't know that!!


During the temps leve! The guy who was practising his turns (and watching from upstairs as well ) - was that Caesar.... (don't remember last name).... And another guy watched a bit of the rep session. Hmmm.... I must check their website!

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Oh yes, I saw her! She was standing at the door... I felt so embarressed!


What was the name of the guy who we saw training in the studio?


Ami - What did you see at ROH?

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apologies in advance :blushing:

meant to say a big thankyou to jenny :thumbsup:

if it wasnt for you me and mark would not of known about the rep day :shrug:

i guess we were all so busy on the day that i simply forgot :)


so very BIG THANKYOU to Jenny!


Glad everyone enjoyed it, hopefully next time - we can meet up (we will miss you Ami :blink: )


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Oh yes, big thanks to Jenny! :)


I've been in touch with ENB education today, and the programmes for the Friday are different than what we were told - meaning that the Saturday programme we were told about should still be happening! Which is a *good thing*! Would be great to see you beautiful dancers again!!!!!! :blink:


Saturday night we saw a triple bill at the ROH - Tombeaux, Enigma Variations, and Rite of Spring. I tend to watch a lot of dance! (go figure!)

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Awww thank you guys! :shrug:


I have never been to the ROH, I'm deprived... but its soooo expensive!


Ami - Are they running both a Friday and Saturday Adult Ballet day...? I would go to both, but I am way too broke. From the information I have recieved about the Friday one, I think its more of a tour and less dancing. I need more dancing!


If it is on the Saturday, we should organise it in advance and book those evening tickets for the Ballet :)


Cassy - It was lovely to meet you and see pictures of your Huskies! Tell Mark he was a good partner! :blink:


In ROH how well can you see from the cheaper seats?

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Cassy - you have huskies??!!! Man, I missed out afterwards, eh?


Jenny I think you're right - the Friday is more of a tour-type thing, with Saturday being a class... I don't have any more info than that, so let's see what Natalie emails out later this week!


If it's the Saturday, Hannah and I will definitely be there - and we already have tickets for that night, but not for ENB - for RB.... University term ends the day before so that was going to be our little celebration.


Do keep your eyes open for cheap seats! Sadlers Wells back of the second circle is inexpensive, and if you are a student you can get deals. In Oxford I get student deals as well. At the ROH it really depends - I usually try to find standing seats or so, which are cheaper. And, if you don't mind the back of the amphitheatre (or as we say - The Seats of the Gods!), you're okay!


A bit of a plug here - you might want to check out the sister board to this one: ballettalk.invisionzone.com - there's been some good discussions there about where to sit at the ROH! (moderators, I hope this is okay!)


The trouble with Albert Hall is the way it is shaped means that you'd probably have to pay a bit more to be able to be in full-view... but I'm so tempted to try to find a way and see RJ there now!


I *still* have the Dance of the Knights music in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It was £10. This included a 1.5 hour class and a 1.5 hour rep session. There was an hour break inbetween for lunch, and we were welcome to help ourselves to tea/coffee. It was really nice.

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When is the next one, I would really like to go but I don't know if I have the courage to turn up on my own. I am little bit rusty my brain knows what to do just my body is a little slower these days



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I will definitely come if it is on a Saturday! :(


I might just book some cheaper tickets for ROH just to see what they are like... as long as I can see the dancing I don't care!


Now the decision, if I go to the Saturday Ballet day June, should I see the ENB or the RB afterwards... I've seen the ENB in Nutcracker but have never seen the RB!


Oh what to do!


They should try and do more of these Adult Ballet days, maybe even have a summer school for Adult Ballet Students where they can learn the corp parts and then take part in a performance at the end of it! That would be the dream!

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