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English National Ballet Repertoire Day


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Please can you tell me how to get details about the next one? Depending on when it is, I might like to go.

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Just check the ENB website for updates - go to Eduction :(

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Well, the ENB education site did not have info about last Saturday on it - so in case it doesn't have information about the next class on it, we'll let you know!


Jenny - I might try to see if I can get to an ENB matinee on the Saturday. We'll see - depends on times and costs! However, I think you live closer to London than I do? You might want to try and go to the RB or Sadlers Wells sometime before June then! The ROH also has day seats available, and a lot of matinees in May. Like I said, check out the ballettalk board for information on seats and day seats, and also check out the ROH website! Enjoy!


And, Jenny makes a good point about the need for more Adult Ballet days. I've posted about this elsewhere, and others here have also mentioned this, but the two major things missing in adult ballet education (besides just finding classes!) are rep and partnering! Obviously they need to be catered to the level of the student, but they teach valuable skills! (How to be spatially aware, how to portray a character, etc. etc. etc.). There's ADC in the U.S. that addresses this in its summer camp - but yes, we need more, and more often! :( (not that I'm greedy or anything! well... okay so maybe I am when it comes to ballet!)

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Hi Tara,

just to put your mind at ease - I only started ballet class twice weekly last september, and there were a few others in the same boat. It was a great experience and though some parts of the day were quite different from what i am used to, i was learning :D


I just tryed my best and had fun, everyone was really friendly and we can all arrange to meet up again.


If i can do it - im sure you can :P


Ami lol - you were a very beautiful dancer - as i said Saturday :D


Jenny - next time shall bring some proper pics to show you all!


Fish - Are you getting excited about Laban yet? (little of the subject - sorry!)


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You have put my mind at rest I really want to go to the next and I would be nice to meet you all. Put faces to names. At the moment on the dance front, I am busy rehearing for a dance festival. The adult class I go to are doing two pieces a tap and also modern. So I am sitting behind my desk with very sore legs


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Well, the ENB education site did not have info about last Saturday on it - so in case it doesn't have information about the next class on it, we'll let you know!



Its already on their website - just go to their education site :D

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DSL - we are talking past each other! What the rest of us mean is that they are going to do a dance-based programme for adults on a SATURDAY - not the Friday event that they have listed... and that previous dance-based events - for example, the Tuesday classes and last Saturday's rep day, were not on the site...


My impression is that this is because of limited space and high numbers of enrollment.


SO - just in case it's not up on the site, we'll spread the word.


edited to add: the info that *is* on their site is more of the 'tour' thing that Jenny and I have been discussing here. There is information about at: www.ballet.org.uk, click on education. Also you can check www.ballet.co.uk, and go to the ENBtalk section (this is the link I provided earlier - page 3 or 4 of this thread).

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I have seen their advertising (for the repertoire day) at The Place but that was a couple of weeks ago maybe they dont adverstise every event

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Ami, if you want some more repertoire and parterning, you could attend at the SI of London Studio Centre

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Just thought I'd add to this thread about the next class!! :green:


I just got this email this morning!! :hyper:


Adult Ballet on Stage


We are delighted to tell you about this special event being organised as part of English National Ballet’s season at the Royal Albert Hall. On the morning of Saturday 18 June you will get the opportunity to take a ballet class on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. The class will be followed by a number of activities including a tour of the Royal Albert Hall, observation of dancers in class and a costume demonstration. Refreshments will be served during the morning. The class will be suitable for all levels. Please note that these activities may be subject to change.


This package includes a ticket to a performance of Romeo & Juliet at the Royal Albert Hall. A special rate of £32.50 is available for Westminster ResCard holders. There is also the option just to apply for a ticket to the performance. If you would like a guest to accompany you to the performance of Romeo & Juliet, then one additional ticket is available at £25.00 for the evening performance on Tuesday 21 June at 7.30pm.


If you want to go I can email you the form - just PM me :shrug:





Edited to add: Deadline for application is 6th May.

Edited by Chinafish
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I am very tempted to go, the only minus is that in the evening I am doing the playtex moonwalk. Could I do class then power walk 13 miles in the evening.



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I have already seen ENB's Romeo and Juliet but I still might go to class. Could you PM the form please?

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