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I am thinking of taking some classes at a RAD studio to add to my weekly classes. However, I do not want to leave my studio all together. Is it okay to take RAD classes in addition to my normal classes? Also, if I wanted to take enough classes to do the RAD exams, about how many classes per week would that be? I don't know much about RAD so if this is completely off track, can you help me? Sorry if I sound really clueless, I am. :P Thanks in advance!

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Knock knock a teacher here.

Depending on your age, students usually take 2 classes per week on the actual syllabus they plan to take an exam in. Students at advancing levels of course take other classes in an open format on the other days. Professional track dancers take dailyclass. As long as both schools are OK with you doing this and agree to work together you should not have a problem. Be sure that you talk to your teachers about it though so there isnt any conflict. :P

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RAD is Royal Academy of Dance. It is a method of training, like Cecchetti and Vagaova. Many schools teach one of these methods, but many schools teach a mixture, especially here in America. Most of the professional company schools are a mixture, but some tend to be more Russian or English, and some are devoted to the Balanchine style of ballet. There are other methods such as Bournonville and the French School. All of them work fine, depending on the teaching. There are great RAD programs, and there are very limiting RAD programs, and in the end it's the ability of the teachers that matter.

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