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My dd just turned 13 two weeks ago and I haven't posted on the 13+ board yet. She's in the pre-pro program at her studio and will be dancing 6 days a week if she decides to take the hip hop class on saturdays. Fortunately the studio is just 10 minutes from our house.

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DD1 is 17 and in the process of applying to college as a BFA with a modern focus. She will also be auditioning for professional jobs as well..unsure which way things will go, so hoping things get sorted out.


DD2 is 14 and is in a pre pro training program at a ballet academy. She started out with a competition studio with her sister, but started taking classes at a classical ballet academy when she was 10 going on 11. She has been exclusively training in ballet for the past two years.

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I have two DD's - the eldest will be 15 in November, and has been dancing since she was four. As well as her regular classes, she just started her program at the performing arts high school - hard to believe she's already that old! My youngest just turned nine and also started dancing when she was little. I also have a non dancing son who's into hockey - which is a great joy for my husband - being around all of us dancers! (I'm a ballet teacher too!)

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My DD is 14 and dances 6 days a week at the best local studio we can find. Wow, I wish we had a performing arts school!

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(New to the board)


18 year old DD is in a very small, relatively new college dance program studying dance performance and business.


16 year old DD is in upper level of pre-pro training with professional dance aspirations . . . but is also confident she will have a happy life with another career if that isn't what eventually happens!

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13, almost 14-year-old son. Been dancing since he was 5. We also have a 20-year-old theatre major son in college, so lots of performing arts around here!

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I read a lot on this board, but don't post much. My DD has now turned 13, so we have graduated to the 13+ section. She is studying RAD Intermediate level (passed her Intermediate Foundation exam in May - yay!). DD wants to dance professionally, but there are some reservations about her facility (feet not great, etc), so her plan B is to become a dance physiotherapist. Probably a much more secure profession!

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My dancing kid is 6, and she's a girl.


Oh, and my three year old boy is dancing this year for the first time, but I dint know if he'll stick with it at this point. :)

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DD is 13. She moved to a Vaganova based studio this fall and is dancing 6 days a week and performing in The Nutcracker. It has been a very happy transition, thank goodness. :) She is preparing to audition for our city's performing arts high school for admission in September.

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My dd turned 13 today :)! She dances 4 days a week which includes 4 ballet technique, 2 pointe, one contemporary/lyrical and one jazz class. This is her 2nd year en pointe and we are currently at a very small studio (she takes the lyrical and jazz classes at a different local dance company studio). She loves the variety of dances and is trying to decide whether to go more seriously with the ballet (which may involve a ballet school switch) or join competition dance team next year at the dance company studio. Two opposite ends of the spectrum of dance so lots of things to consider.

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My dd is 13 - we are in a small studio that teaches in the style of Balanchine.

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DD is 13 and we're in Australia. She's taking classes 6 days per week (5*ballet + contemporary, lyrical and jazz) up to about 12 hours a week.

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New to the board here. I have one dancer (a daughter age 13, nearly 14) and three other children with no interest whatsoever! DD started dancing RAD in New Zealand 3 1/2 years ago and when we moved back to the US, has been mostly Vagonova style. This has been a tremendous challenge for her as she always feels like she is playing catch up! She has progressed rapidly anyway, and perhaps because of the changes that she has had to adapt to. DD takes class 6 days a week at our local studios in Virginia. Have you Aussie mums seen the TV series about the dancer who goes away to school? Wish it was on here!

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DD turns sweet 16 tomorrow. I can't believe it! She's been dancing since she was 4 and studying at a pre-pro school since age 7. She still has aspirations of a ballet career, but I'm so thankful for this board now that we need to really start evaluating the options for the future!

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My dd is 13. We live in a state that has few ballet opportunities. Her studio is small, three main teachers, a mix of styles. She dances about 16 hours a week, mostly ballet, also jazz and character.

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