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I'm new at this but am already a huge fan of Ballet Talk!! I have a DD that just turned 17 and a DS that is 13. Both are in a full day ballet and academic program 8:00am - 6:00pm plus Saturdays. They both love it and want to pursue dance careers. :) What an adventure!!!

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One daughter, 13.

Ok I haven't posted much at this stage so you won't know me... yet!! :)

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Our older daughter is 16, loves ballet, and also enjoys other dance forms as well as singing and musical theater, and our younger daughter (age 13) plays select soccer and school basketball, enjoys dancing jazz and tap, and loves to sing and act

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Daughter 12 years old and at pre-professional program full day with residence.


Daughter 9 years old and is in a vocational after school program at a local dance school.

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One dd, 14 who wants more than anything to dance professionally. Working toward a residency program. Two ds, 16 and 12' both with some training in ballet, tap, and jazz who like musical theater and both play piano and string instruments. Older son mostly into physics and math over performing, though! ;)

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Bank on him for your retirement!!!!! :lol:

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DD 13 wants to teach dance- She loves choreographing- She is doing her grade 5 RAD and her british medallian tap this year. She plans on doing her assoiciate in tap as soon as she is old enough and do her RAD and Cecchitti (SP?) teaching at post secondary


DS9 has been accepted at the National Ballet school foe the summer program- He is doing his grade 2 RAD and Gold tap this year He is also in a local school Ballet company where he works on stuff much higher than grade 2 RAD


And oh yes I am a bad speller

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Son 14, born to entertain. Loves dance, because he's the center of attention. Learning to sing though to have more prospects

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My daughter just turned 13 a couple of weeks ago. She's getting ready to start her 10th year of ballet at a pre-pro school and still loving every minute of it.

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Hello all brand new here! One daughter 14yo

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