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Dd just turned 13 and started her seventh year at pre/pro school in NYC this week. New to this forum, but been on BT4D for two years. Looking forward to learning a great deal in this forum!

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DD is 15 yrs and in first year of pre-professional program and very happy!

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14.5yo DS, dancing on top of school and v happy! Wants to make a living of it :nixweiss:

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Oldest DD is 15 and dances a million hours a week at a studio (along with giving me heart attacks while learning to drive). DD is 13 and in her first year of a pre pro program. She is ecstatic and I am broke :giveup:

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DD turned 14 a few months ago and switched to a school affiliated with a company in a medium but well-known city along the US East coast. Still getting a feel for it, but as parents, we are not feeling sure at all about the training quality due to extremely large combined level class sizes (nearly 45 dancers!) and the focus on a few by teachers, but it's the second change for her in 2 years and she's doing her best to make it work for her at this point.

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I've been around this site for 8 years now (!) but I don't think I ever checked in on this thread. DD was 6 when I first joined, and now she's a teen, dancing 6 days a week at a small, local school.

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