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DD turned 13 today! I've been a BTFD member since 2009. DD happily trains at a local pre-professional school where this weekend she is performing in her first advanced-level student showcase. They are dancing the Entrance of Swans from Swan Lake on a tiny stage (fingers crossed for no collisions) good thing the choreography is relatively simple and repetitive, because just managing the shoes takes a lot of her concentration at this point :)


This is the version they are doing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ7ztMH_8yk

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Dancing daughter, age 15. Though I realized I used the wrong pronoun in some of my earlier posts. Sigh! Really, I WILL learn to type decently one of these days! Alas, the two finger method will have to sustain me until then! LOL!

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DD age 15. Dancing at a pre-pro, lucky enough to live where she doesn't need to be on residence :)

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I've been lurking but thought I'd introduce myself - my DD just turned 13 in July. She's at a local studio, usually dancing 5-6 days a week... YAGP... Summer Intensives... the usual drill. Closest pre-pro option is too far to commute, but we're pretty happy with our local studio. I'm learning a lot from everyone's experiences, so thank you!

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Dd age 17, senior. Has loved ballet for 11 years and will finish the last year with an AD who has provided not only a great ballet experience, but also helped mentor her during difficult situations and setbacks. She is fortunate to still dance with a handful of very talented friends since age 7 with very little drama or negativity. We are going to enjoy every performance this year! So glad we went down this path and I know dd will be well equipped for the future due to her experiences.

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DD has turned 13, so I belong here now. Late comer to dance- competition school at 11, moved to ballet at 12. Not really sure she wants to do the classical ballet thing, but sure she wants to dance as a career.

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Dd turned 13 this summer. She had a great experience at her first local si.

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Dance daughter just turned 13, wants to be in a ballet company. She was a "late starter" as we didn't realize she was getting poor training. But a wonderful woman who dances with a local company came to teach class saw potential and took DD under her wing. DD is now caught up to the classes with the girls her age at a high quality studio. She is still probably the lowest in the level, but she's making stead progress and has big goals for the year.


So thankful she has a mentor who believes in her and wants to see how far she can go. I don't think DD would have ever had a chance without her.

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