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DS turned 13 this May. Still keeping both ballroom and ballet, sharing his love between them pretty equally. Starting real pre-pro this year, with boys classes and male technique, pretty excited because of that.

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I've lurked here every now and then, so I guess I should introduce myself too. My DD is 17 years old. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old. My son will be 14 in two days, and he has also been dancing since he was 4 years old. They both have studied at an amazing studio with some of the most caring teachers I've ever seen.


DD has been through a lot this past year, with 2 hip surgeries and rehabilitating. She is now back to 110% - but struggles with a few lingering fears and self confidence. She has an amazing summer going to 2 different summer intensives. She was also accepted to a year-round program out of state. So she will spend her senior year away from home. :crying:


DS also had an amazing summer and in his 3rd year of the pre-professional program and our home studio.

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DS just turned 13 so we are moving up to this board. He took his first creative movement class at 4 and was hooked. In addition to ballet he also takes character, jazz, and tap.

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My oldest daughter just turned 13 yesterday. She has been dancing since she was 4 at the same studio. We just LOVE it. My younger two girls are under 13.

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Dancing daughter who is now 16 (and driving! Yikes!). I read over my previous posts...I guess staying up too late and reading BT4D is not advised...I had her down as a DB in one or two of my posts! Sorry! But, she is a girl...she's the one in the black leo, pink tights, pink pointe shoes with her hair in a bun! She's been taking ballet since she was four with the same teacher. She recently added modern and contemporary to her regimen.

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Hi all!! Seeing several familiar names from the "under 13" group!

DD just turned 13 and actually switched dance studios last semester. She is still doing a good amount of ballet (7.5hrs/wk) and pointe, but has much more training in other dance forms that she excels in more naturally than ballet. She is back to feeling great about herself and her dancing, which was NOT the case her last semester at our old ballet studio. She has no aspirations to dance classical ballet professionally but wouldn't turn down an opportunity to dance contemporary.... Right now her focus is more on enjoying dance now and through college and in the end becoming a physical therapist specializing in dance and dance injuries. :)

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Moving up! DD turned 13 recently... all ballet all the time, in a full day, non-residential program. She started early and had mediocre training until 2 years ago when she moved to a pre-pro school. Slowly she is catching up to her well-trained peers. :) She hopes to dance professionally some day.

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My dancing daughter is now 13. That's still hard to believe! Time just seems to be flying by. :crying:

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My DD turned 13 1 month ago! It is amazing to see the growth as the years go by. She is starting her 4th year in a pre-pro program.

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