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Calling a school after auditions


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I was reading a post and the poster said that they called the school to ask why she didn't get in and they gave her an answer. I was totally not aware that people did that. Is this normal? acceptable? polite? I hope it's acceptable because I want to!!! :wub::) Would they be mad if you asked them this late? I had auditions in January so that might not go over so well. Just curious.

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If you're going to be the one asking the question, you have to be ready to hear something that you may consider hurtful, no matter how kindly the school puts it. If you can't be sure of not denouncing the evaluation, of not freaking out, and of acting in a mature and balanced way, have somebody else call, like your mother. (BTW, make sure that your mother can do all of the above!) Some schools may have a policy against discussing audition results. That's their prerogative.

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I would suggest email, if you know the name of the auditioner and there is an email address. When I get calls, there is usually a lot of phone tag, because I'm in the classroom much more than the office. Also, email gives me the time to look up the notes on the student. Also be sure to state where you auditioned, and, if you remember your number, that would be helpful too. :wub:

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Even better would be snail mail. Signed in your own handwriting. That way, the school will have a chance reasonably to ascertain that it IS you that they're releasing the information to, and not some outsider with no right to it. That's the problem with phone inquiries. Privacy issues may enter into it.

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For some, it might be. There's no standard for how long audition sheets are held for.

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